Friday, November 22, 2019

Suresh Tolani’s Journey Of Becoming A Motivational Speaker Is The Most Inspiring Thing You Will Read Today

Suresh Tolani’s Journey Of Becoming A Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker, a storyteller and an internet personality, Suresh Tolani is here to change the lives of people through his words of wisdom. The social media influencer is on the rise, thanks to the digital era where things go viral within no time.

Suresh has been gaining a lot of momentum in the digital space with the kind of content he has been creating. What makes him different from others is that he does not aim to make collaborations and earn money through digital media but he wants to bring a change in people’s lives. He mainly focuses to reach out to more people and motivate them through his words. 

Another interesting thing about Suresh is that he is fond of cars. His love for cars has no bounds. If you check his Instagram feed ‘sureshtolani_’, you can find inspirational quotes with having a car in the background of the picture. While talking about what inspired him to be a motivational speaker, he said, “I have seen and experienced failure. That phase teaches you many things. Failure is not a setback but major learning. So you must go on in life no matter how many obstacles are your way.” 

Adding to it, he said, “I have done several jobs before becoming an influencer but that did not give me happiness. Bringing a positive impact on people’s lives and helping them gave me sheer happiness.

That’s when I decided to be an inspirational speaker and with the power of social media, it has done wonders for me.” His positive approach towards life has helped him achieve big on social media. Moreover, Suresh Tolani’s popularity on Instagram is growing at a fast pace. With having around 129K followers on the social media platform, the man is surely unstoppable and has a lot to achieve in the coming years.

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