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Sarah Hussain Reveals How She Became A Successful Blogger, The Best Thing About Her Profession & Much More

Journey of Sarah Hussain a.k.a ZingyZest

Food and travel are two such things which people can never get rid of and lucky are those who make their occupation all about it. Before you get confused, we tell you that Sarah Hussain is one such person who is a successful food, travel and lifestyle blogger.

Her journey started merely at the age of 19. After college, she spent most of her time travelling, clicking pictures in and around Delhi and she loved what she was doing. Gradually, she started earning and chose her career as a blogger.

Sarah has always been fascinated by food and being in a diverse country like India, there is a variety of food in different states of the country. She is very fond of South Indian flavours and her homemade Mughlai food in particular. Talking about her dream dinner date she wants Shah Rukh Khan, Ravish Kumar and PM Narendra Modi as her guests. 

With having a successful blogging career, she believes that if not a blogger, she would have been a PR or spokesperson in a company, or maybe into politics as she holds a masters degree in PR and Corporate Communications and has a bachelors degree in Political Science. However, she faced many challenges before she got into blogging.

It was quite hard to explain the profession to her parents and her mother was extremely disappointed with her decision of getting into the creative field. But with time, her parents saw her success and got convinced about her profession.

When asked about the best part of being a blogger, she said “I love travelling and exploring. I feel really grateful for waking up to extremely sweet messages on how I inspire people to choose a career and make money out of it.” Moreover, the popular blogger also revealed that she declines many promotions of the brands which she dislikes, no matter how much amount she is being paid.

Furthermore, she had a very hilarious response when she was asked to ban any food. To this, she replied saying that the decision of banning food should be left on government. Apart from being a food and travel blogger, she also expressed her desire to be a part of the food-related TV show. She believes that she is a multi-tasker and can work for 20-hours a day. 

Sarah Hussain enjoys a great fan following on Instagram. Her handle named ‘zingyzest’ boasts more than 2.5L followers and she has been a great influencer for all the food and travel lovers. She has some massive plans of expanding her YouTube channel in the future. Giving a special message for all her loved ones, Sarah was quoted saying, “Success comes to those who wait and work hard for it. Don’t be jealous of others. Be your own self and let your personality do the talking.” All we can say is you have a long way to go girl!

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