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On the 22nd International Left-Handers Day, Check Out The 22 Unknown Facts About The Lefties!

On the 22nd International Left-Handers Day, Check Out The 22 Unknown Facts About The Lefties!

August 13 is celebrated as the International Left-Handers Day, the day for the people who rely on their left hand for doing most of the work. The date 13th August has been observed each year since 1976 by Dean R. Campbell’s Lefthanders International Inc.

However, the day was made official by the Left-Handers Day Club in 1997. Interestingly, today is the 22nd Annual Left-Handers Day. Many people are not aware of the fact that 10% of the world population is left-handed which is led by the Netherlands. As all the lefties celebrate, the 22nd Left-Handers Day, we give you 22 unknown and strange facts about all the lefties:

1) The word ‘Left’ in English is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, meaning weak or broken.

2) Left-handed people are more prone to ailments like migraines and allergies. 

3) It is believed that lefties are very skilful and highly smart. In fact, the most popular inventors Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton were left-handed people. 

4) The left-handed people tend to use the right side of their brain more. 

5) The left-handed people usually tend to be alcoholics due to the low tolerance level to the right side of the brain. 

6) Left-handers are nicknamed as ‘SouthPaws.’

7) A study suggests that the ratio of left-handed men is more than left-handed women in the world. 

8) Left-handed people are excellent when it comes to multi-tasking.

9) It is believed that left-handers are artists and choose a creative field as their career.

10) Most of the left-handers are insomniacs.

11) Left-handed people need to cut their nails frequently, as the nail growth on their left hand is faster.

12) There’s a tradition since ages which states that an itchy left hand indicates that you will lose money and an itchy right hand indicates that you will gain money.

13) Left-handed people can easily get embarrassed and angry. 

14) It is believed that left-handed people commonly go through mental disorders. 

15) Left-handed people have a great sense of hearing.

16) Studies suggest that lefties are good fighters. 

17) Premature babies are most likely to be left-handed. 

18) The intelligence of left-handers is found to be polarized and are dyslexic. 

19) The four of the most popular presidents of the United States were left-handers. 

20) Left-handed people generally face sexual orientation. 

21) It is believed that mothers above forty maybe more likely have left-handed babies. 

22) Twins are more likely to be left-handed.

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