Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mi just announced 100 megapixel phone and people are going crazy over this

Mi just announced 100mp phone

In this era of technology each and everything is possible, there are new innovations happening every day.In this ever growing technology world the smartphone marketing is growing rapidly there are new smartphones launching everyday and every smartphone has a bit different feature than the other.

There was a time when Nokia launched a phone with camera having 0.5 megapixels and people were amazed.The megapixel size and smartphone technology increased gradually.

People shifted from a typical button phone to a touch screen smartphone.Camera megapixels increased from 0 to 64.The recent smartphone launched by Realme was of 64 megapixels.Even the number of cameras increased in a phone, nowadays we can have a phone with 5 cameras for a better picture quality.

Camera has always been a important factor in any smartphone.Improvement of camera is a key feature for any company to work on.
Seeing this, the increased megapixels of camera ,MI has announced the phone with 100 megapixels and people are going mad over this news, even the hashtag #100mp is trending on the twitter.

The news got viral when Manu Kumar Jain (Global VP Mi) tweeted about the upcoming 100 megapixel phone. After his tweet people started retweeting his tweet and the meme pages started making memes on this news.Below are the tweets.

Well, the megapixel war is endless for the smartphone companies. Also the 100 megapixel phone is rumoured to be Mi Mix 4.

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