Friday, November 22, 2019
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Food Blogger Shubhra Paul Gets Candid About ‘Gastronomicjournal’, Reveals Her Upcoming Plans

Food Blogger Shubhra Paul Gets Candid About 'Gastronomicjournal'

Food is the only thing which is close to everyone’s heart. Shubhra Paul is one such hardcore foodie whose love for food has no bounds. Half her life she had been overweight due to her uncontrollable behaviour towards tempting food.

Gradually, she managed to balance a healthy lifestyle and lost 30 kgs by shifting her love towards good and healthy food. Taking pictures of food and travelling to new places to explore food had been something which she did for a long time.

However, one fine day Shubhra decided to post all her content and started her social media journal which depicted her food choices and the places she had explored. With time, she started connecting with the audience and that’s how she became a food blogger.

Hailing from Nagpur, Shubhra’s favourite food is the regional cuisine, Saoji. Apart from that, the Good Ol’ Pepperoni Pizza is her all-time favourite food. With eating, she also loves cooking and she aims to build her audience on YouTube where she plans to share a lot of healthy recipes. Talking about her dream dinner date, she revealed that she would like to dine with Chef Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson and her mother whom she considers the best cook in the world. She believes that her parents are the biggest source of support and motivation for her.

“They have always helped become a better person and encouraged me throughout”, she said.
Shubhra pursued her education in interior design. If not a food blogger, she would have been an interior designer. However, being a food blogger is the best thing ever happened to her.

The thing she loves the most about her profession is that she gets to try new things and of course being around good food. Her Instagram page, ‘gastronomicjournal’ has more tha 32K followers and she has been lately gaining a lot of social media presence. Her future plans include opening breweries, making her blog a well-known brand, travelling the world and documenting it.

Sharing her views on accepting money for fake promotions, the blogger replied, “I would never do that. It makes no sense. I would never compromise the quality of my work and choice over something so temporary. Money comes and goes.” Shubhra strongly believes in the power of social media and how it can make or break a person or a brand. Moreover, she wants artificial preservatives to be banned as she believes that there is nothing healthier than organic food. She expressed her desire to explore herself by hosting a food-related TV show.

Calling ‘gastronomicjournal’ her own baby; she revealed that she will never give up what she started on her own. 
Her love for food is equal for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. On her blogging career, Shubhra revealed that she takes small steps towards success. Till now, she has not faced any big failure as she believes to post content catering to the wider audience.

The happiest moment of her life was when she got featured in top newspapers and did a successful food walk with her fellow bloggers.
If you are someone who loves food and wants to explore food, check out ‘gastronomicjournal’ on Instagram which is the ultimate destination for all the food lovers.

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