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Food Blogger Parth Bajaj Gets Candid About His Journey, The Power Of Social Media, His Future Plans And Much More

Food Blogger Parth Bajaj

Blogging as a career has been a very fascinating job. Initially, many people wrote blogs as a hobby but with the advancement of social media today, one can be a blogger and earn money to build and grow his/her brand. One such blogger who has been establishing himself is Parth Bajaj. Being an incredible food blogger, his interest also lies in styling and photography. From having an anonymous page on Instagram to being a YouTuber, home baker, food consultant, food blogger, photographer and public speaker; Parth has surely made his way in the blogging industry. 

Being a hardcore foodie, he loves to cook as much as he loves to eat which can be seen from his beautiful Instagram feed. When asked about his favourite regional cuisines, he replied Saoji as his favourite. For him, more than food it is an emotion.

Talking about his dream dinner date, he revealed that he would like to dine with four inspiring people in his life – Sarah Todd, Pooja Dhingra, Ranveer Brar and Jamie Oliver. Today Parth Bajaj is an inspiration for many as he breaks the myth of only women being food bloggers. Talking about his alternative career, he said that he would have become a musician and that’s something really interesting.

In a world where every parent wants their child to be a successful doctor or engineer, his parents have always extended their support to him. Being doctors themselves, his brother is an architect and Parth is an engineer but chose blogging as his full-time profession.

Apart from this, the successful food blogger was at his funniest when he revealed the best and worst part of his profession. Speaking about it, he told that food hopping is the best thing about being a food blogger and it can also be the worst thing if one does not do jogging. 

Parth has got some great plans for his future. He said that he wants to grow his YouTube channel, organise some events, conduct workshops regularly and be a world traveller. He strongly believes that social media in today’s time has the power to bring millions of people together, no matter what the profession is.  

When asked if he would accept good money for fake promotions, he said, “Time and again I have received offers to promote food I don’t like, and every time I have denied doing it, irrespective of the price. If you want to be in the run for long, you have to be genuine.”

When the young lad had been questioned about the food he would like to ban, he told that he would not ban any food as it depicts different cultures and traditions. But he urges people to not kill domestic animals like dogs and make them a source of food which people do in many countries.

Apart from this, he also expressed his desire to do a food-related TV show if ever he gets an offer. Having said that, Parth went on to say that he won’t give up food blogging at any cost. Well, that’s what passion is all about. Right?

He is a complete foodie and mostly prefers non-vegetarian dishes. Revealing about his failures, he said that he has learnt that one must never give up and never lose confidence in life. When asked about his most successful moment, the 22-year old blogger spoke about him being featured in Femina magazine. With having a great social media presence and being a successful food blogger, Parth Bajaj has special advice for all the aspiring bloggers. He said, “Don’t copy anyone, be yourself. Imitating is theft, don’t steal content or ideas. Be consistent and patiently wait for the magic to happen.”

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