Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dhinchak Pooja’s new song is out and Twitterati’s are on fire

Dhinchak Pooja back with her new song

Dhinchak Pooja, an Indian Singer/Rapper is famous on internet for her weird songs and it’s weird Music videos, Pooja gained a huge popularity after her first song ‘Selfie maine leli aaj‘ after that she appeared in Famous reality TV Show ‘Big Boss’.

Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja, who is from Delhi, became a social media star with songs like Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj, Dilon ka Shooter and Swag Wali Topi.

After the song release the hashtag #dhinchakpooja was trending on twitter and people are making hilarious memes on Dhinchak Pooja.

Check out the tweets:-

People on Youtube are reporting the video as ‘Harmful Content’,’Sexual Content’ and even ‘Terrorism attack’ but apart from all these, it’s still trending on YouTube India , Dhinchak Pooja has disabled the comments on video and also the likes and dislikes on video are hidden.

May be this is done by Pooja as she knows the what will be the reaction of public after watching her video.

The new song of Dhinchak Pooja has crossed 3 million views in just 4 days and whole internet is full of memes, the song has 2 background belly dancers (shown as belly dancers ) and a whole family dancing in swimming pool (God knows whose family it is) Besides the killer performance of the backup belly dancers, the video also features a man and a child dressed as a skeleton and Spiderman also she has maintained her trademark nasal voice and singing off beat and totally illogical lyrics but still the video is on 4th spot on Indian trending list.

After this video and a lot of criticism of her videos and songs her youtube channel subscribers count is increased and she is close to 5 lakh subscribers at present, kudos to all the genuine fans of Dhinchak Pooja.

Check out the video:-

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