Saturday, September 21, 2019

Energous Wants To Charge Devices Wirelessly | AIB

Wireless charging is not new. There are now a lot of devices that are capable of being charged without having to plug in a plug. In fact, some phones have the possibility to charge other phones already. But where is the future? If it is the Energous company, we will all have networks in which all your devices will be charged via the air. And they will work together with Vivo to make that happen.

Charge Everything Wirelessly

With their WattUp wireless technology, they can all charge devices within a radius of more than four meters. The system uses a radio frequency to charge your devices with 20W. You still have to have a basic system that plugs you into an outlet, but then everything that nearby has to charge wirelessly. The video below gives you a reasonable idea of ​​what is possible.

That video is now a year old, and since then the company has made new steps. And last week the company sent out a press release in which Energous announced that it was going to collaborate with Vivo.

And that makes sense. At the end of January Vivo announced their concept phone the Apex 2019. Now the question is whether this actually comes true, but because the phone has no physical port to charge, the company behind that phone needs a technology that makes wireless charging possible. And Energous could, therefore, play a role in this.

Of course, it is still the question of what kind of term we are going to see something of this cooperation. And then you still have the question to what extent it is safe. Although it is about a radio frequency, I can imagine that people have questions about it.

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