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Calling All Wizards! A First Look at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | AIB

Niantic and Warner Bros. Games San Francisco unveiled the first official images of the Harry Potter gameplay: Wizards Unite, the Pokémon GO- style game based on the universe of witches and wizards created by JK Rowling. Harry Potter Wizards Unite will combine content and characters from the original series with those from the Fantastic Animals movies and Where to Find them, inviting us to prepare our wand, mix potions and learn new spells to prevent something known as “Calamity” from coming to light the secrets of the Magic World.

In this adventure, you will become a new recruit for the Magic Secret Code Intervention Group, and you will need to investigate and counter threats to the wizarding world known as “Calamity.” They will be many, and you will sometimes ask for help from other wizards to get you out. But beware, some wizards have bad intentions and do not intend to let you progress in your quest so easily.

With an already very rich Harry Potter scenario: Hogwarts Mystery, Niantic and Portkey Games have planned to create a real story that will develop over several years, asking players to take an interest in several mysteries and solve them. Of course, updates are expected, the entire content evolving over time.

The real world becomes the place of your inquiry

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Wizards and witches from all walks of life will have to join forces to find the traces of magic scattered in the world of Muggles, but also lost relics. In the same way, they will have to face traps and get rid of the magic barriers protecting the objects to recover. Unfortunately, this task will not be easy because many creatures are waiting outside.

Spells are requiring energy to be used by wizards; you can rest in hostels around the world to recover, but also restocking magic ingredients for your potions. In these places, portals and portkeys will be at your disposal to go to different emblematic places in the world of wizards, but also many other things.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Strongholds will also be besieged to defeat the evil dwellers, but be careful because dangerous creatures roam, forcing the players to unite to resume these places. Unfortunately, we will discover this possibility later, when the game will be officially released very likely.

Game Summary:

Hostels: buildings to recover energy, used during the fighting, or ingredients. Reactivated every 5 minutes, they are also a place to spend virtual currency (obtainable via missions in play or against real money) to make more rare encounters during the next minutes.

Greenhouses: a building to collect ingredients for your magic potions. As for the hostel, it is necessary to wait 5 minutes before being able to recover again in the same greenhouse.

Ingredients: scattered everywhere on the map in addition to being obtainable in hostels and greenhouses, they are essential to prepare any potion.

Magic encounters: the very heart of the game, you materialize in 3 different forms. Certain magical traces also launch certain encounters, and your level of danger does not affect the difficulty in overcoming them. The player will be able to turn around to see the different details.

  • It can thus be an object
  • A creature
  • A memory, corresponding to a scene of the film

Fortresses: Up to 5 players can enter the fort to face creatures and black mages. The difficulty increases with the number of players present, but also increases the rewards. They are essential for the proper evolution of the character.

The pre-registration to access Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now available on Google Play, that is, for Android devices. If you have an account in the Google app store, just sign up to know when the game is available (you can also unsubscribe at any time, by pressing the same button).

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