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Why You Should Remove Your Makeup Before Bed | AIB

Makeup remains a frontrunner in the beauty routine of women. In fact, many of its techniques have evolved to adapt to the needs of each one. However, the waste it leaves is harmful. Do you know the reasons to remove make-up?

Although many think it is a harmless habit, it can actually affect the appearance of imperfections such as blemishes and acne. However these effects are not noticed instantly, little by little, they begin to cause discomfort until they even generate irreversible marks.

Reasons to remove makeup every night before sleep

Remove your Makeup

It only takes a few minutes, and you can make a difference when it comes to skin care. Maybe you ignore it, but there are many reasons to remove makeup every night without exception. Do you know them? Then we review in detail the most important.

1. You will keep the skin clean and oxygenated

One of the reasons for removing make-up is that removing waste from cosmetics is key to rid the surface of the skin of impurities. Although it is not always possible to notice, there are accumulated debris that interferes with the process of cellular oxygenation.

2.Prevent premature aging

The particles of the chemical components of makeup products can have a negative impact on skin health. By not being eliminated before going to bed, they clog pores and accelerate aging. It is essential to sleep with clean skin since during the night the cells are renewed.

3. Fight acne

It is true that many factors affect the appearance of acne. However, for your treatment, it is essential to keep the skin clean. Although makeup helps to disguise these imperfections, it should be removed every night before going to bed. Facial cleansing prevents the symptoms of this condition from getting worse, as it removes accumulated impurities.

4. You avoid the appearance of dark circles

The makeup on the eyes usually leaves particles that increase the darkening in the contour of the area. Therefore, going to bed without removing these products can worsen dark circles. If you take a few minutes to remove the mask and shadows, you will begin to see your face fresher and younger.

5. You will get a more luminous skin

The remains of makeup on the skin affect the process of oxygenation and nutrition. Hence, one of the reasons for removing makeup every night is the conservation of luminosity. When you do not dismay, you can notice almost instantly a dull and dehydrated skin.

Remove your Makeup

6. Avoid having weak and brittle lashes

The remains of mascara tabs produce dehydration of the follicle and weakening of the hair. Because of this, those who do not remove makeup before sleep often have brittle lashes. To avoid breaking it is essential to clean them with a suitable product.

7. You will take care of your lip skin

The skin of the lips is more delicate than that of other areas of the face. Thus, it requires “extra” care to stay hydrated and healthy. When you do not get rid of makeup, the lips lose moisture and tend to look dry or cracked.

8. You will avoid flaccidity

By limiting cell regeneration, the bad habit of sleeping with makeup leads to loss of elasticity and firmness. As a consequence, the flaccidity increases and premature wrinkles appear. On the other hand, when you leave the face clean, its softness and firmness are preserved for longer.

9. Prevent skin allergies

The accumulation of makeup particles on the skin surface can increase the risk of skin allergies. On the contrary, removing cosmetics every night minimizes the chances of having dermatological problems such as dermatitis or eczema.

10. You facilitate your routine the next day

Finally, it should be noted that starting a facial care routine at night can facilitate the beauty routine the next day. When you wake up with clean and renewed skin, it is much easier to comply with the step of hydration, toning and makeup.

Are you one of those who do not take a few minutes to remove makeup every night? If your answer is yes, start correcting it now. You can use regular cleansing creams or oils. As you can see, sleeping with makeup can be very harmful.

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