Thursday, October 17, 2019

Russia To Disconnect From the Internet as Part of a Planned Test | AIB

The Russian government and largest internet providers are planning to shut down Russia from the internet as part of an experiment. The test should provide insight into the applicability of and any modifications to a new law that was adopted in December.

This law is aimed at obliging Russian internet providers to guarantee the independence of the Russian Internet (Runet). In the case of foreign aggression, they should be able to shut down the internet in the country from the rest of the internet and thus guarantee stability.

The Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnazor also monitors the extent to which the Internet is monitored, stated by the Russian government. According to the Russians, all internet traffic should be routed through various nodes after the addition of the necessary ‘technical means,’ where the Roskomnazor can inspect the traffic, block prohibited content and ensure that ‘useless diversions’ are prevented via foreign servers.

Disconnect From The Internet

The exact date for the experiment is not known, but according to the American technology website ZDNet, it is clear that this should be before 1 April. That date is the deadline for submitting changes for the new Russian law, known as the ‘National Digital Economy Program.’

According to Russian media, all internet providers have agreed on the objectives of the law, but especially the technical implementation is a problem. According to the ISPs, the enforcement of the law can cause major disruptions of Russian internet traffic. By experimenting, the providers will receive a lot of information about the reaction of their networks to the isolation of the Russian internet.

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