Wednesday, August 21, 2019

OnePlus Sends Mysterious Invitations To MWC 2019 | AIB

In three weeks we will be able to admire the most innovative developments around smartphones at the Mobile World Congress. The Barcelona event will be a gold mine for people who love smartphones and everything that comes with it. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus will be on the stock exchange. However, the latter producer comes with very striking, and especially mysterious, invitations.

The website AllAboutOnePlus announces that OnePlus has sent invitations for a closed-doors event. These events are often quite mysterious and not accessible to everyone. The companies show the most impressive and innovative things during these events, which are not meant for the general public yet. Because of the information from the website, which goes into the details of the invitations, everything starts to become even more mysterious than it already is. The text reads: “Reimagine the future.”

“Reimagine the future with OnePlus. Join us at Ultramarinos, where drinks and the future will be us. We’ll be celebrating MWC 2019 at this exclusive, invite-only event.”

While this could mean a lot, it sounds like something big is coming. Now smartphone producers do this more often, but as mysterious and grand, OnePlus seems never to have done it before. So it could mean two things: whether the company has a new marketing team, or it actually has something big to announce. Some people say that it would be the OnePlus 7 or the 5G device. There are also noises that the producer may introduce a foldable smartphone.

To know what exactly OnePlus really intends do, we should wait until MWC 2019!

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