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How to Future Proof Your Job with the Skills That Matter | AIB

Computers are getting smarter, and technical developments are getting better and better, requirements for professions are changing … The increasing digitization is frightening many people – not just when it comes to artificial intelligence. Especially in the workplace, the question often comes up in the room: What are future-proof jobs? Nobody wants to take on a job that will not exist in 15 or maybe even ten years, because new technologies have made their jobs unnecessary.

While it is true that such developments cannot be predicted, both industries and capabilities are predicted to become more important in the years to come. We show you what you should bring with you to build a future-proof job.

Future-Proof Jobs through Future-Proof Capabilities

Future Proof Job

Future-proofing at work comes not only by choosing the right job or the right industry but also by your personal skills and qualities. So you have it in your own hands, whether you can meet the requirements in the future and meet the expectations of employees.

With these skills and abilities you can score in the coming years and decades:


Flexibility is probably the most important feature in terms of future-proof jobs. Because if one thing is certain, then only that nothing is certain. Jobs and requirements can change. In any case, for a future-proof job, you need the flexibility to adapt to the changes and move with the times. Outdated thinking makes it difficult to master new challenges.

Intercultural Competence

It is often necessary to work together with customers, suppliers or even colleagues across the world. Due to globalization, cooperation on almost every continent has almost become the norm. It is expected that this will continue to increase in the future and so intercultural competence plays an even more important role. It makes sense, therefore, to already work on this ability and to position yourself.


The ability to work in a team is closely interwoven with intercultural competence. In an increasingly networked world of work, the teams have to coordinate better, because the work can only rarely be done by one employee alone. Clearly, at an advantage – and also with regard to future-proof jobs – are employees who can count on teamwork as one of their strengths.

Computer Skills

Without technical understanding and professional use of the computer will hardly work in the future. Everything is becoming increasingly digital, and the computer is one of the everyday working devices. Quite normal for young generations, but those who still have difficulties with it should urgently retrofit and acquire the (programming) skills.

Critical Thinking

Employees are increasingly seen as a real engine in companies that have great knowledge and a lot of potentials. Not only are yes-sawers and executives looking for instructions to follow. In the job of the future, you have to reflect, think critically, question and also give your opinion and suggestions.


Startups can already give an insight into the direction in which jobs will develop in the future. It is constantly looking for new ways and ways to make things better. Creativity and creative techniques are an important factor and motivation for this. Whoever thinks around the corner has good chances.

Learning Ability

Every change in the professional world requires employees to react. In concrete terms, this means that you must constantly learn, develop, recognize trends and, in the best case, even be one step ahead of them. Do not watch as others expand and run away from your abilities, but you will also demonstrate your ability to learn and improve your key skills in areas that are important to you.

Media Literacy

Not only with the computer, you have to be able to handle in the future; also media and thus the media competence become more and more important. These include both classic media and modern social networks. It’s about not only finding information but also filtering it to see what’s important.

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