Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Google to Replace Back Button with Gestures on Android Q | AIB

Android 9 (Pie) is installed on a small number of smartphones around the world, but Google is working on the next version, Android Q, and comes with major changes in how you navigate through apps.

Since Apple has pulled the “home” button in favor of a gesture-based navigation system, we have seen several phone companies that have implemented their own navigation system. Some have done an excellent job, and the OnePlus or Huawei gesture navigation system is a good one, but the one implemented by Google was received with mixed reviews.

In Android Pie, the three-button navigation system has been replaced with a two-button, and for Android Q we are getting only one button. Currently, on Android 9 phones, you tap the center button for the main screen, a longer push goes to the Google wizard. Sliding your finger upwards opens up your recent apps, then another sliding up goes into the application drawer. If you point your finger to the right, then you can see the open applications, and the left button returns you to the previous screen.

The system works pretty well, but it’s annoying that you have to double-up your finger to get into the application drawer (or hold your finger on the screen while you move it up). Another thing that users complained about is the presence of the left button (the one that takes you to the previous screen).

Google listened and dropped the dedicated left button. This means that in Android Q, to go back to the previous screen, you’ll have to slide your finger to the left ‘simple and effective.’ Google inspiration comes from Apple and sliding to the right leaves you to switch from one application to another very simple.

Also, the new operating system will have new animations, and browsing seems to be smoother and lighter. However, until we see Android Q, Android Pie can reach more phones so consumers can get used to this navigation system.

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