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Fortnite World Cup kicks off in April with $30 million Final in July | AIB

After several months of waiting, Epic Games has officially unveiled the details concerning the organization of the Fortnite World Cup. Fortnite did not want to give more ground to Apex Legends and revealed that its expected World Cup would take place at the end of July in New York. Epic Games confirmed that it would distribute a bag of $30 million to the participants, of which $ 3 million will be exclusive to the winner.

The Fortnite World Cup will begin on April 13 with the qualifiers, where each week $1 million will be awarded to the competitors. The phase will close on June 16 with the selection of the best 100 solo players and 50 teams in pairs, who will face each other in the grand final from July 26 to 28.

Epic has not revealed the headquarters where the finals will be played, only confirmed that those who manage to qualify would have secured a prize of $50 thousand. The world cup will arrive after trying its luck with the Pro-Am 2018 and the Winter Royale tournament, the latter being held at the end of 2018.

A Tournament Open to All

The Fortnite World Cup was announced during the past E3 as a celebration to reach 125 million players. Initially, $100 million were mentioned, although it is worth mentioning that this figure will not be exclusive of the qualifiers and the New York final, but will also include other tournaments to be held during 2019.

With such cash flow, Epic Games breaks the previous record of the largest cash prize held by Valve with The International on DOTA 2 with its $25.5 million in cash.

Unlike other games, Fortnite will not sell equipment or franchises and will prevent third parties from doing the same. Epic wants its events to be open to all and that the selection is based on merit. This is a different strategy from the eSports tournaments like the Overwatch League, where teams of professional players face each other in a format similar to other sports.

For those players who do not play Battle Royale, Epic Games will do several additional events in the Fortnite World Cup finals with custom challenges in different modes and formats. Beyond the Fortnite World Cup, Epic will continue to reward $1 million in cash through weekly tournaments through the end of 2019. These tournaments will present a wide variety of modes and formats.

To participate in any Fortnite competition, players must be at least 13 years of age. Players between 13 and 17 years of age must have permission from a parent or legal guardian, and all players must be in good standing with respect to any Epic account they use.

Epic Games will release more information soon regarding the different events like the rules or the modalities concerning the regions concerning the Fortnite World Cup.

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