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Far Cry: New Dawn Is a Fun and Crazy Sequel | AIB

Far Cry New Dawn is the newest installment of Ubisoft’s open-world first-person action game series. New Dawn, which is committed to a new aesthetic aspect, is the sequel to Far Cry 5, the fifth installment of the saga, and moves us to a post-apocalyptic scene, entirely devastated by nuclear bombs. This new title comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Dawn after the Nuclear War

New Dan is committed to a colorful post-nuclear future, alive and full of life, with new animals and more powerful creatures spread throughout the ecosystem. It distances itself from the still life, gray or brown of video games like Fallout and Mad Max, taking us to Hope County. After a global nuclear catastrophe occurred 17 years ago, the survivors have organized into factions and groups. Forests and animals have taken what is theirs, but we also find bands of looters, a group of savages who roam the county lands with impunity and subject the surviving population. The enemies of this delivery are the twins Mickey and Lou, group leaders, and seek resources at all costs.

Far Cry New Dawn

Without wishing to go into more details (spoilers), just tell you that this leads to the recovery of Hope County, only now transformed by a super-bloom phenomenon in which ruined buildings coexist with abundant vegetation and a pink hue that has wanted to become an iconic feature of the game.

The impression is that the mapping is really transformed. It’s hard to recognize some emblematic locations, and also the new artistic direction generates stunning scenes, with regions of the map that shine more than in the previous videogame. The graffiti of the enemies have invaded the map, together with the abundance of bright colors. Together they make discovering this renewed Hope an interesting process. One of the most striking is that we have approximately 75% of the original map (upward estimate). The rest is contaminated by radiation, which means that they are inaccessible parts.

Far Cry New Dawn

The post-revealing world is a good idea with many possibilities, but with an odd, almost neutral implementation without imagination. The atmosphere that the creators probably liked does not arise at all, while exploration is totally unbearable. Those who were afraid of reminiscent of Fallout calm down because it is entirely superficial to explore this setting, where the streets and buildings are merely filled with plants.

However, there are some breathtaking sceneries, which impress in combination with the great graphics and the technical field. Inconspicuous volumetric effects and lighting run very well on the PS4 Pro that we tested the game and save an otherwise indifferent world, and in general we have to say again that technically the game is a beast, and above all, with almost zero bugs and glitches.

The RPG is installed in a Far Cry

Far Cry New Dawn

What has changed with New Dawn is mainly the Sandbox piece of the game, with the addition of lightweight RPG elements. The player is based on Prosperity, which has Facilities through which all of the player’s progress and equipment pass. Each facility has three levels and is upgraded to Ethanol, which is the main currency anymore. Each new Level Facility enables the player to build the corresponding Rank’s equipment (we will explain below).

There are also crafting materials with which the player makes his equipment, which he gets from enemies, missions and finds himself in the environment. Ethanol, on the other hand, is in the classic Outposts, which this time we can, after we release, to make Scavenge taking a little more Ethanol but letting the Highwaymen overtake them. So, the difficulty rises for the next time we try to attack them, but the resources we get if we succeed are going up.

A very interesting addition is Expeditions, special missions in separate areas with their own themes. There the site visits sites such as desert bridges, Alcatraz prison, nuclear factories, fallen satellites, etc., in which the gameplay is best illustrated. Each time a player makes a mission, the difficulty rises and changes some conditions of the mission to make the experience different. The bad thing is that once we get the package, the Stealth approach leaves the window as enemies are automatically alerted via GPS and drop intense – and enjoyable, of course – until the helicopter rescues us.

An Unexpected Far Cry, But Interesting

Far Cry New Dawn

The scheme works and has turned out to be a good idea that Ubisoft will probably continue using in the Far Cry saga in the future. Therefore, we are facing a title with its importance, since apart from all this, closes the argument that was left in the air in Far Cry 5. And the truth is that it seemed to me that the story is resolved quite satisfactorily. I do not consider it as elaborate as that of FC5, and the twin villains do not have a charisma too deep, but if you were left wanting to know what happened with Joseph Seed and his sect, then yes I tell you that you have a good justification to play New Dawn.

And if you get new? Well, the story can really be followed pretty well. Besides, the plot is not so important in the game, probably in order that anyone interested in post-apocalyptic settings can play without fear of getting lost.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Far Cry New Dawn

Speaking of graphics, the game uses the same engine as FC5, capable of managing vast distances in the open world, which except for the “popping” (given the high load of elements) offers outstanding results. Especially in lighting, which is where this sequel shines the most. And not only in technical aspects, but also artistic ones. The new pink hue impregnates many scenarios, which tend to be shown in the dark, giving rise to an atmosphere that manages to differentiate itself from the previous videogame.

On the music side, I detect a drop in quality, with themes more in tune with the apathy that prevails among the Sailors. The game wanted to get infected with that tone, and there are times that it gets a lot in the action, but sometimes it does not, especially in the themes licensed during the trips. In fact, I found the music somewhat intrusive with respect to the experience.


ros and cons, counted in this analysis of Far Cry New Dawn for you to value if you are interested in what I consider to be a good videogame in the end. It comes with just a year of margin with respect to its predecessor, and that weighs on it, but has interesting ideas, with the continuation of a story that left us intrigued, and above all a very well resolved RPG character that could open a new path in the Far Cry series.

Review overview

Story & Missions8.8
Soundtrack & Effects7.5
Control & Difficulty8.9


Far Cry New Dawn is clearly a snack within the franchise, it offers plenty of variety with Expeditions, a handful of fun story missions and the ability to reclaim bases to reward a return to Hope County. A perfectly proportioned derivation until the next big Far Cry project is revealed.

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