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Got Itchy Ears? Try These Effective Remedies for Itchy Ears | AIB

The itching of ears, also known as otic eczema, is an annoying sensation whose origin can be in various causes that affect the auditory organ. Dermatitis such as seborrheic or atopic, as well as psoriasis or acne, are some of the pathologies that can cause the appearance of this annoying itching. This sensation of itching may also be accompanied by dryness of the skin of the auditory canal, earache, reddening of the skin or discharge of pus or blood.

Usually, otic eczema can be eliminated by following simple treatments such as cleaning the ear canal or applying topical products. However, there are times when the itching is so intense that it can interrupt the average life of the person suffering from it. The problems to fall asleep or to concentrate, as well as irritability or anxiety, are some of the consequences that can derive from otic eczema. In this post, we tell you some remedies with which to reduce the itchy ears.

Home solutions to relieve itching

Garlic and olive oil

Itchy Ears

One of the most effective remedies for treating otic eczema is to apply a mixture of oil and garlic that can be done quickly at home. Put a whole clove of garlic in a glass with olive oil and let it sit for 3-4 hours when the time has passed put the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds. It is important that the oil is warm and not too hot.

To apply it you will have to tilt the head and apply three drops of oil to the affected ear. Let the mixture work for 3-5 minutes and then remove the excess with gauze. You will quickly notice a slight improvement thanks to the antibiotic action of garlic and the moisturizing properties of olive oil. For effect to be greater, the operation must be repeated twice a day for approximately one week.

Vinegar and water

Itchy Ears

White vinegar has great properties, including its disinfectant action that can help cleanse the skin to eliminate micro-organisms that may be causing otic eczema. To apply it you must mix a spoonful of white vinegar with another spoonful of water.

Vinegar is a very aggressive product, so it is important to dilute it to prevent the skin from being damaged. Wet some gauze in the mixture and then gently insert it into the ear, being careful not to put it too deeply. Let the liquid act for 5 minutes, and then you can remove the veil from the ear. You can apply this formula every time the itching of the ear bothers you, but never more than three times a day to avoid a topical reaction to vinegar.

Natural products to reduce annoying

Aloe vera

Itchy Ears

This plant is one of the most used in topical remedies because its properties make it a powerful soothing. Also, its high content of saponins removes dirt from the skin and prevents the risk of contracting an infection. To apply it to the ear you should gather one tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil.

This oil, which is also known as melaleuca oil, is a natural antibacterial that can be used in many skin conditions such as acne, dandruff or skin rashes derived from dermatitis. When you have mixed the aloe vera with the oil, pour five drops into the itchy ear with the head tilted. Keep the liquid inside the ear canal for a couple of minutes and then remove the excess with a soft cloth. You will quickly notice how aloe vera soothes the itching and improves the redness of the area.

Coconut oil

Itchy Ears

This ingredient also has many benefits when it comes to treating problems related to the skin such as infections or allergic reactions. Coconut has a high content of vitamin E, which helps repair damaged tissues. Also, its antibiotic properties make coconut oil one of the most used remedies in cases of acne and infections.

To prepare the mixture, you will have to heat one tablespoon of coconut oil until it is warm. Then dissolve half a small spoonful of vitamin E oil in the oil and put 2 or 3 drops in the affected ear. Keep the head tilted for a couple of minutes for both oils to act and then remove the excess liquid with the help of gauze. In addition to reducing the itching sensation, this coconut and vitamin E solution will also lubricate the skin of the ear canal and help remove excess wax.


One of the most used remedies in cosmetics and topical treatments is the rosehip. Vitamin A is one of its main components and generates a moisturizing effect that helps to improve the dryness of the skin. On the other hand, rosehip also helps the regeneration of sensitive or damaged skin.

Dissolve one teaspoon of rosehip oil in a little water and dip a soft cloth in the solution. Then apply it to the ear and let the rosehip oil act for a couple of minutes and remove it. Repeat the operation for two times a day.

Itchy Ears

It is very important that people suffering from otic eczema or itchy ears keep the area of ​​the auditory canal perfectly clean. Of course, under no circumstances should be used cotton buds or cotton, as they could cause the skin is irritated even more, and the problem is aggravated. What is recommended is to use natural remedies or specific products for ear cleaning that can be easily found at any pharmacy.

In any case, when the itching of the ears is prolonged for longer than it should be normal, if the inner area of ​​the ear is inflamed or reddened or if the ear secretes blood or pus it is necessary to go quickly to a specialist to examine the zone and can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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