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Video games have become an inspiration for television series, and there we have the cases of the expected The Witcher and Castlevania for Netflix, and the future Alan Wake and Halo. Also, we learned that the game Vampyr will have its own series to develop in greater depth the story of Jonathan Reid.

As if these were few series about video games, it was announced long ago that Life is Strange and Assassin’s Creed would jump to the serial format, although we do not have concrete data about their adaptation to the medium. With so many new features, we have started thinking, and these are some video games that we would like to see adapted to a TV series.

Video games tv series

Surely you are asking the reasons to adapt video games to television if we do not have enough with the movies. The truth is that there are several reasons, among them, the games move a lot of followers and already have a part of the audience won, at least for the first episode.

Another reason is the possibility of developing new stories or expanding the worlds of a video game with more time than in a movie, which as demonstrated with Castlevania in Netflix, these can be a more appropriate format than the cinema. Each chapter can go deep into a character or an event in the plot and each season can show us something new about the story we know and enrich it.

Finally, there is no denying that video games are more fashionable than ever, they are in the news, the newspapers … and they bring interest in people. So, why not make a series about a video game?

1. Assassin’s Creed

Video games tv series

The saga created by Ubisoft has had its own movie with Michael Fassbender as the protagonist, although the results were not as expected. In the summer of 2017 it was announced that the fight between Assassins and Templars would jump to Netflix in animated series format, but since then we have not had news or images.

Assassin’s Creed is a video game that we nominated to become a television series for several reasons. It has an interesting and complex plot, journeys through history, combats and charismatic characters, especially Altair. If there is a series, we think it would be good to start with the first video game, the one that came out in 2007, and that each season was from a different time.

2. GTA V

Video games tv series

Three characters and a vast city to explore, but Grand Theft Auto V hides much more behind for an adaptation to television series. The adventures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor still have many things to tell us in any other medium, be it a movie or a television series. A series would allow us to deepen Michael’s relationship with his family, as in The Sopranos, get to know Franklin’s friends better or discover Trevor’s follies.

3. Bloodborne

Video games tv series

The vampire series is perfect, What if we give them a more gothic and dark touch? Bloodborne takes us to the city of Yharnam that has been infected by a mysterious disease. Our mission is to find the cure that is known as Pale Blood. Of course, as we try to overcome the game, we find many creatures with which we have to fight.

A series of Bloodborne would allow us to know more details about the “Hunter” and discover new mysteries, all seasoned with high doses of action where his moments of psychological terror would not be lacking.

4. Dragon Age

Video games tv series

The BioWare saga is a reference within the RPG with a great narrative in which magic, epic battles, fantasy creatures, important decisions, and romances are mixed. One good thing that Dragon Age has is a large number of themes that could be treated in a series or the characters that could be focused on. It is not necessary to tell us the same story as in the game, and you could focus on a secondary to develop your argument.

5. Fallout

Video games tv series

The success of The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead has shown us that viewers like a good series of apocalypse and zombies. Of course, do not lengthen too long and link the frames or will end up tired — a video game that we would like to see adapted to a television series of Fallout because it mixes survival with an exciting 50s atmosphere.

We have several Bethesda video games, and each of them has a different protagonist. What could be done for the series is to take the ideas of the game, but develop a completely new story in which a character wakes up in a shelter in New York, Boston or any other city and tell what happens in the years after we finished the main game. One of the strengths of the fiction would be a great sense of humor, something that is not missing in Fallout.

6. Fahrenheit

Video games tv series

The second game developed by Quantic Dream has a plot worthy of a television series. A cold wave in New York, a loose assassin and two characters who will see their lives crisscrossed: Lucas Kane and Carla Valenti. It is one of those video games that we would like to see adapted to TV because they would be perfect for a plot of suspense. The game presents many of the elements that have made the titles of David Cage’s studio popular, good narrative, quick time events, and something fantasy.

7. LA Noire

Video games tv series

Another game of RockStar that gets into this list is LA Noire, and there is no doubt that the company cares a lot the narrative of their games and that is one of the reasons why they appear up to three games among which we want to see adapted to a television series.

LA Noire is divided into episodes so the structure would be more than ready. The game is played by Cole Phelps, a detective who has been ascending from the bottom to face complicated cases. It’s set in the 40s, and its thematic of corruption and murders would be a perfect argument for a thriller.

8. Uncharted

Video games tv series

Soon we will have an Uncharted movie in which we will be able to see a young Nathan Drake, but we believe that the adventure of Naughty Dog would also be a good option for a new series of adventures on television. Since the movie is only going to deal with one aspect of the life of the PlayStation treasure hunter, a series would give us the opportunity to delve into the character and those around him. An adaptation of Uncharted on television would be an excellent way to explore the mythology and relics of many ancient cultures.

9. The Legend of Zelda

Video games tv series

We are approaching the end of video games that we would like to see adapted to a TV series with The Legend of Zelda. Years ago it was said that Netflix was going to shoot a series of real action, although the rumor went off as soon as Nintendo said there were no plans to move the adventures of Link and Zelda to television.

A pity because it would undoubtedly be the perfect substitute for Game of Thrones to which only one season remains. The series could explore more adult themes within the saga, and its medieval setting are a good incentive for us to want a fiction on the small screen.

10. Red Dead Redemption

Video games tv series

Not so long ago, movies and series of jeans were universal. Lately, they are quite scarce, but that does not mean they do not succeed, an example is Westworld. For that reason, a video game that we would like to see adapted to television is Red Dead Redemption, that Dr. Quinn or Bonanza prepare because we are sure that the story of John Marston would be able to overcome them in the table of mythical series.

The RockStar saga with its last two installments has already deepened extensively in the last years of the Wild West, so it could be a prequel to the first years of the Dutch van der Linde band, or a spin-off of some of the characters that we already know, or even a completely original protagonist but located in the same universe of games.

These are some video games that we would like to see adapted to television series, but surely among you have more suggestions for series, if you any comment below.

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