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Sequel to Original Ghostbusters Is on the Way | AIB

There are classics that we will never forget, better yet, they do not go out of style. With all the revival of the retro, the iconic films could not be left behind, and the iconic “Ghostbusters” is no exception.

According to Entertainment Weekly reported Tuesday, Jason Reitman, the son of the original director of the saga, is already preparing a new installment of the franchise that will ignore what happened with the 2016 film and will be set in the universe of the 1984 film. Gil Kenan, responsible for the reboot of “Poltergeist,” and the live-action of “Monster Hunter,” will be responsible for writing the script for a premiere planned for the summer of 2020.

It will begin to roll in the next months, but it is unknown if part of the original cast will return to it. As if this was not enough, Reitman says he will throw the house out the window because today we have been bombarded with mediocre reboots and he does not want this to be the case, contrary to that he seeks to break that bad patch of the remakes and give it an original twist to the history of Ghostbusters.

The director knows that this is a risky move but in his statements confirms that “what happened, happened,” implying that the plot will be a continuation of the history of the ’80s and not recreation.

At the moment Sony has not given any official statement, sources close to the project confirmed that the film would be starring four teenagers, in the style of “Stranger Things.” The idea therefore of seeing Dan Aykroyd and company again with the suit is reduced exponentially. Maybe the studio uses them as cameos, or for supporting roles for the new cast.

“It’s in very early stages of development, and I want to wrap the film like it’s a gift,” Reitman confesses. “We have many wonderful surprises and new characters for the public to know.” Ghostbusters abandon the idea of ​​including women in the team, and they jump into the teen formula. Will it work this time? Comment below.

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