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‘Red Dead Online’ Update Brings Gold Bonus, Gun Rush Changes | AIB

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the games of the generation, as endorsed both its technical level as narrative and auditory quality, among many other details. However, the beta of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer section of the title, is still far from reaching the level of the single-player mode. That is why from Rockstar Games are continually working to get a final release that convinces everyone, and now we have received news about it.

In an official press release, we received the news of all those who play Red Dead Online from Jan 25 and until Jan 27, will be presented with a total of five gold bars on Tuesday, January 29. In this way, if you had already thought about going through the beta, you will be rewarded for it, and if you did not plan to do it, this might be sufficient motivation. However, if this still does not just ‘buy’ you, we will highlight that Rockstar has made several comments about Gun Fever to signal improvements in matchmaking

Apparently, as a result of the publication of this new game option, the developer discovered several problems in the Red Dead Online pairing system. Although they indicate that they are working to apply competitive solutions in the long term, it seems that for the moment they have made enough improvements to find the most crowded rooms.

Red Dead Online

Rockstar highlight that Weapons Fever shines especially with large numbers of players -capacity for up to 32 simultaneously-, so they invite their users to try this one again, especially now that they have included a comments section on their web page.

To finish, we will highlight that Rockstar is working in a great variety of improvements for Red Dead Online taking into account the opinions of the users. Among all these, we find the following novelties, which will come in future updates during the next months:

  • Players icons according to their proximity.
  • Changes in the truce system with faster access to the state in conflict.
  • Improvements in the system of rewards deterring players from disturbing others.
  • The new dynamic between bounty hunters and criminals.
  • Daily challenges with rewards of gold bars, etc.

Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode still in beta is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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