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PS5 Hardware Leak: New Processor Provides a Huge Jump in Performance | AIB

When a new generation of products is about to be released, a lot of rumors are starting to surface. The video games would not be left out of this wave of leaks, and this time the “hit” was Sony.

Through Twitter, a user named APISAK showed the world the information about the processor of the PS5. These data suggest that just like the Xbox Scarlett, Sony would be working with AMD in its new generation. See what we already know.

According to the recent leak, we got to know the source code of the new Sony video game. Named AMD Gonzalo, and earning the code “2G16002CE8JA2_32 /10/10_13E9,” this translated codename would not be used on a computer, mobile, or server. The AMD is already working with Sony on a new generation of video games; then this would be the processor PlayStation 5. Check out the photo shared on Twitter:

We cannot deduce too much about the possible processor of the PS5, for example, to confirm if it would support multiprocessing but this data already deliver that the processor present in the new generation of video games of Sony would have:

  • CPU with eight physical processing cores (probably with 16 threads)
  • Architecture AMD Zen 2 (which has seven nanometers) for the CPU
  • The clock speed of the processor reaches a maximum of 3.2 GHz
  • Navi 10Lite architecture for the GPU.

Even with little information, we can say that there will be significant changes if we take as a base the current generation (PS4 / PS4 Pro), which rely on AMD Jaguar cores, a mini architecture.

But what does this information mean?

PS5 hardware leaks

The new PS5 processor, produced by AMD, would bring changes to this new generation. First of all, the PlayStation 5 has a supposed graphics architecture made just for it, which was named Navi10 Lite. With this, it is speculated that the new console can run any game in quality 4K / 60 fps.

If you own the Zen 2 architecture, the new Sony video game will also: faster, consume less power (it would fall by half), and would be safer. This new model would also have more cache memory.

With the new PS5 processor, we can say that possibly this new console would have the long-awaited backward compatibility, but this is still speculation that was not confirmed by Sony. Leaked patents reveal that the company would be working on this, but nothing more was said about it. And talking about a possible release date, little is known about this, but it is likely that the new generation of Sony will be launched in 2020.

And what do you think of the possible processor of the new PlayStation? Tell us in the comments!

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