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Gurman Singh Takkar – Youngest Entrepreneur | AIB

We just came across this young Entrepreneur of Delhi named Gurman Singh Takkar. He is just 16 years old and currently in class 11th at Bhatnagar international school. Gurman lost his father at an early age, and despite of this keeping his emotions aside he knew that he has a responsibility of his family after his father.

We had a conversation with Gurman about his life as he is the inspiring kid within us.

What happened to your father?

“My dad was suffering from lungs infection he was in ventilator for over a month. At the age of 40 with his birthday was on 8th Oct but he expired on 3rd Oct”

How do you tackle the problems in business?

“At first it was tough but I was having a lot of interest from starting I was always crazy about cars so it wasn’t that tough”

What is your business?

“My business is of luxury cars in New Delhi named – CAR STREET

So as a business owner everyone thinks of making more profit and expanding the business and making a brand that everyone knows.

We asked Gurman about his Future Plans on Business – He is preparing to expand his luxury car showrooms to worldwide. Wow, that sounds amazing. Where other kids at this age are just thinking about to pass the exams this guy is planning for billions.

We asked gurman that there are other business owners also that deal in luxury cars so how you guys are different from your competitors.

He replied ~”We are opening workshops for our heartliest customer so that they can get all parts of them easily and we also give a 1-year warranty.” Cool, this guys knows how to satisfy the customers and make them visit again!

So Gurman, “What is the most costliest car in your showroom?”

“The most costliest car in the showroom is Rolls Royce Phantom Wine Colour. Price – 5 Crores and also we deal in all type of premium luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, Bentley, Mustang, Mini Coopers, Aston Martin” – He said.

We were amazed!

So this is about business, apart from this he is a professional guitarist and playing guitar from the past 7 years. Also, he is a national level roller hockey player and played 7 nationals and also 3 times medalist.

Wow, that’s simply awesome!

At last, we asked what message he wants to give to youngsters out there.

He said – Do something today that your future will thank u for ~ GST

Success is not about earning, it’s not about the status quo. Success is about having the freedom to follow your passion. It’s about living your dreams, success is about waking up in the morning and saying. “I AM BORN AGAIN!”

Sounds good!

Well, he again proves that “Age is just a number.”

You can follow Gurman Singh Takkar on Social Media:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/gurman.singh.35728466

Youtube – youtube.com/channel/UCYt40aHPzwbPajgXLdZ6MTg

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/gurmansingh__/

Snapchat – gmgurmansingh

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