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Eye Yoga: 5 Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight | AIB

In the office you work in front of the computer, on the bus you pull the smartphone, and on the couch, you look at several episodes of your favorite series. While this means everyday life for you, your eyes are overwhelmed – they are not made for this tight program. No wonder headaches, burning eyes, and diminishing eyesight are the result. What can you do about it? Try eye yoga!

While we used to hunt and work in the fields, today we rarely let our eyes wander into the distance. Smartphones and tablets are always within reach – so our eyes are hardly used to foresight. The result: more and more people are short-sighted, so they have difficulty seeing things in the distance sharply. Even with ten minutes of eye yoga a day, you can relieve your eyes, strengthen the eye muscles and fight against your refractive error.

How yoga helps the eyes?

Eye Yoga

The eyes can move in all directions using four straight and two oblique eye muscles. Also, the annular ciliary muscles control the shape of the eye lenses and ensure a sharpened look. Looking into the distance, the ciliary muscles are relaxed. However, if we continuously see at close range, the ciliary muscles are strained continually. This makes it increasingly difficult for us to see in the distance.

Also, as you grow older, the elasticity and power of the eye muscles decrease more and more – but with yoga, you can train your eyes. The eye muscles remain flexible, and the ciliary muscles can relax. At the same time, yoga increases blood circulation for the eyes and supports the processing of optical stimuli in the brain.

Relaxation for the eyes: Five times eye yoga in between

1. Change the direction

Look alternately upwards towards eyebrows and downwards towards the nose. Perform the direction changes eight times in quick succession. Then look alternately right and left eight times. After looking straight ahead, close your eyes and relax for a few breaths. Then start again from the beginning, this time first down, then up or first left and then look to the right.

Effect: This eye yoga exercise relaxes your eye muscles – and with it your tense shoulders. A tense eye muscle can have a lasting impact on the neck area.

2. Clockwise

Imagine a clock with your eyes closed. Open your eyes, look at the one and follow the numbers clockwise. When you arrive at the Twelve, it’s counterclockwise. Then close your eyes and relax briefly. Open your eyes again and focus your eyes on opposite numbers: one, seven and one again, two, eight and two again – and so on.

Effect: By moving the muscles of the eye and face, during this eye-yoga exercise, you promote the blood circulation and strengthen the blood vessels, which also supply the eyes with oxygen and nutrients.

3. Warm Pad

Eye Yoga

Close your eyes and rub your hands together until they warm. Put your hands on the closed eyes and let the heat unfold their relaxing effect for one minute.

Effect: The hand warmth relaxes tired and stressed eyes.

4. Near-far change

Eye Yoga

Place yourself a few meters away in front of a wall to which a picture or poster hangs. Keep your hand at a distance of about 30 centimeters in front of your face. Fix your hand and picture alternately for three seconds. Repeat the change between near and far vision 20 times and try to make the change in ever faster sequence.

Effect: In this eye yoga exercise, the eye muscles are responsible for the long-sightedness, the one-sided close-up is compensated.

5. Blink

Eye Yoga

If you blink, you lose any point in the room and fix it without blinking. Try to keep your eyes open for as long as possible. Blinzle after ten times in a row. Repeat the exercise four times and then yawn consciously. Betting, you can last longer in the second round without blinking?

Effect: By switching between stare and blink, you stimulate your lacrimal glands. This is especially beneficial for dry eyes, but also tired eyes become more alert again.

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