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Best Ways to Save Water in Your Daily Life | AIB

We know that you care about the planet and want to join in the actions of awareness of the preservation of its resources, especially the most indispensable for life, water. Our planet Earth is composed of 70% water, and only 3.5% is for human consumption, according to estimates of the Organization for the United Nations (UN), three of every ten people do not have access to drinking water.

If you intend, a change of attitude can make a difference in your home and be an example for others. Note that although water is a renewable natural resource due to waste and pollution caused, according to studies by the UN agency for Food and Agriculture (FAO), it is estimated that by 2030, 20% of the countries on the way of development will have problems for water access.

That’s why here we offer you a few tricks so you can start saving water

  • Never discard water when you can give it another use, such as watering the plants or cleaning windows in the house.
  • Do not leave the tap open while you brush your teeth, shave, wash your face or shower. Closing it while you wash will save up to twelve liters of water per minute.
  • Choose to take a shower, use less water than filling a bathtub, at least thirty gallons of water makes the difference. Five minutes in the shower is enough time to be clean.
  • Water the garden early in the morning or at night, if you do it in the hot hours the water will evaporate before the plants can absorb it.
  • A bucket and a sponge are the best options to wash a car or a bicycle. A hose can waste six gallons per minute.
  • Keep water in the fridge so that when you want to drink fresh water, you have it by hand and do not use the bad habit of running the tap until the water comes out fresh.
  • Use the dishwasher it saves up to 100 liters, about 10 percent of water, compared to manual dishwashing.
  • Do not start the washing machine and dishwasher until they are full. This can save you up to 1,000 liters of water per month.
  • The recovery of rainwater for domestic use is a practice that tends to develop more and more to save water.

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