Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Apple disables Group FaceTime after Major Security Flaw | AIB

If you are one of the millions of Apple users who communicate through FaceTime, we have bad news about your privacy. A newly discovered error allows you to hear or even see the person you are calling, even before you have answered. And therefore, that also means that those who called you might have been watching or listening to what was happening around you, even if you decided not to answer.

The problem seems to be related to the Group Calls function of FaceTime, which was launched in 2018, and that’s why Apple has disabled group calls while working on a solution. The disturbing failure came to light on January 28 and had been replicated and tested on numerous occasions by owners of iPhones, many of which published their results on social networks.

The error seems to affect calls between Apple mobile devices running the iOS 12.1 or later operating system, and also occurs on Mac computers that receive a call from FaceTime.


In a regular call, obviously the caller and the responding recipient can see and hear each other, but thanks to this error, if the caller remains silent, the recipient will have no idea that their microphone is working.

FaceTime allows video and audio calls between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, and clearly, this error presents a serious privacy problem for the technology giant. Apple already knows the error and is ready to solve it, but we’ll tell you how this iOS 12 bug that spies you through FaceTime works.

In this video published by a user, we can see how the FaceTime bug works with all the details and how the other person is listened to.

Apple takes down FaceTime group calling, thanks to eavesdropping bug leaving microphones exposed. Apple is already working on the problem and is already aware that this is happening. It will update FaceTime or launch a patch that will fix this problem but, meanwhile, Apple has deactivated FaceTime group calls so you cannot spy on anyone without consent.

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