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Why December is the Best Month to Visit Dubai | AIB

Dubai is an oasis in the desert. The world flocks to the city for a vacation. In fact, it is one of the world’s most revisited places. So, if you are planning to go there, you are about to have the best vacation of your life. Anytime of the year is good, but the best month to visit Dubai is December. But why December is the best month to visit Dubai? There are many reasons why you will have the best time there in that particular month. Here’s what you can and must enjoy in Dubai in December.


The weather in Dubai in December is absolutely brilliant. As you know, Dubai has a desert on one side, and the ocean on the other. So, it can get hot. The temperatures regularly crosses 50 degrees Celsius. Getting out is not only difficult, but absolutely impossible. However, in December, you can enjoy the outdoors in the daytime as well. You can catch your favourite attractions on foot, and not have to worry about getting a sunstroke. The nights are also pleasantly cool, and you will actually have to wear warm clothes.

Dubai Shopping Festival

This is probably the biggest reason to visit Dubai in December. The Dubai Shopping Festival, better known as DSF, is not to be missed. Where else in the world will you get discounts upto 80% on the best products, sample food from around the world, and win cars and gold worth millions in raffle draws. DSF has redefined extravagance. This is the best place to indulge in retails therapy. Though the dates change, DSF is most held close to the end of December. Therefore, the best time to visit Dubai for shopping is December.

New Year Party at Dhow Cruise

Imagine bringing in the New Year amidst the ocean with delicious food, music, fireworks, stunning views, and the company of your loved ones. Every year, there’s a huge New Year’s party held aboard dhow cruise, and many people like to bring in their New Year this way. It is one of the most popular parties in the city, and coming here in December, and you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy this party. You even have options of booking whole dhow cruise if you have a large enough party.

Burj Khalifa

Another reason why December is the beast season to visit Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. It is the most popular attraction in the city, and people even come to Dubai just to see the Burj Khalifa. During December, a beautiful weather sets upon the city. From the Burj Khalifa, you get the clearest views of the whole city. Plus, since the heat is less, the usage of the air conditioning is less, so you will feel even better on the 124th floor or the 148th floor. Also, this is the best time to visit Burj Khalifa as it is peak season so you can get offers on your Burj Khalifa tour.

Jumeirah Beach

Other times of the year, Jumeirah Beach only sees crowds in the evening, as the sun is about to set, but during December, there are happy crowds of tourists and locals enjoying the powder white sand, cool blue waters and expansive views of the horizon. A lot is going on, on Jumeirah Beach. There are beach sports being played, people relaxing, there are nearby small parks as well for little ones. It is quite a brilliant atmosphere, making it one of the must-visit places in Dubai. So, when you are here in December, be sure to come to Jumeirah Beach.

New Year Celebration in Dubai Desert Safari

If you do not want to celebrate New Year’s in a dhow, in the ocean, how does the desert sound? There are awesome New Year celebrations happening in the desert as well. All you have to do is buy the special New Year special desert safari and bring in the New Year in the desert. The safari is full of action and adventure. And of course, there’s a lot of food and entertainment. The desert camp is decked up beautifully, and looks like a jewel in the desert. This is good place for New Year celebrations if you are in Dubai with your family.

Dubai Miracle Garden

December is the best season to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. Considered to be the biggest garden in the world, the place is full of millions of plants and flowers. In the winter, many flower species are in full bloom, making the garden look stunning. You will have a great time, especially in the cool weather.


Many people avoid shopping at souks because of the heat, but not in December. Owing to the pleasant weather, you can shop to your heart’s content. The souks are the best places to get authentic stuff at great prices. But the biggest advantage here is the bargaining. You can haggle with the shopkeepers, and get an even better deal. So, forget the gigantic malls, and come to the souks of Dubai, and leave with the best stuff.


Since December is the best season to visit Dubai, there are many tourists coming in for a vacation. You have to make the best use of this opportunity, as there are many offers ongoing all around. Travel companies are vying to get customers, and have amazing offers regarding tours, and travel in Dubai. Just a simple search online will help you compare and choose the best offers. However, you have to book everything in advance as tours get full quite fast. So, be the early bird and book it quickly.

So, forget other months and other season, head to Dubai in December to get the most out of your vacation. Also, there’s a lot more happening than what has been mentioned above. There are New Year parties happening all over, and there are awesome theme parks as well that are a moist-visit. So, you can choose to do whatever you like, and have a great time in Dubai in December.

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