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Best-selling authors such as Robin Sharma (The Little Black Book For Stunning Success) and Michael Lombardi (The 5 AM Club: How To Get More Done While The World Is Sleeping) are almost religious in culting the early bird club. Their mantra: “Be wise, early rise.” Because this “magical” morning in the morning will positively affect you for the rest of the day. They recommend splitting the 60 minutes into three 20-minute sections.

Section 1: Movement!

From bed it goes directly into the sports outfit for a short, crisp morning run or a fast, intense workout (for example, HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training).

Section 2: Personality Development!

The next 20 minutes are spent relaxing, meditating, and focusing on your short-term goals for the day, as well as your medium and long-term goals in life. Because they could only be achieved, the authors say, if you do not lose sight of them. And what is better than repetition?

Section 3: Education!

Reading a newspaper, learning a language or an instrument – to inform and educate, that’s what it’s all about in the last 20 minutes.

Phew! Tough right! Does this really have to take place at 5 o’clock in the morning? I think, no. Basically, it’s about getting up at least an hour earlier than usual to make the most of your time.

Get Closer – How the early club helps you reach your personal and professional goals

5 am Club

Especially by getting up early and being able to use the time for yourself, successful people like Tim Cook (4:30 am), Heidi Klum (5:00 am) or Richard Branson (5:45 pm) have the energy, to do more in one day than others. And indeed, the positive effect is scientifically supported by studies.

Researchers have found that our willpower is highest in the morning between 5 and 8 o’clock. At this point, it is easiest for us to tackle even the most difficult issues and successfully master them. So why not use one of the three “Prime Time Hours” just for you, increase your performance and be happy and satisfied with your day? This one hour will catapult you out of the hamster wheel of job and sleep. Guaranteed!

Perfectly you use the time in which all others are still sleeping when you do sports. The resulting dopamine and your high-choked metabolism replace the cup of coffee in the morning. And you keep a constant level of fitness throughout the day. This is proven by a study by the University of Birmingham in which early risers, so-called “larks,” and morning moufflons – called “owls” – were interviewed and examined.

Also, according to a study by the British University of Northumbria, you’ll burn 20 percent more fat if you’re doing sports in the morning before breakfast. Getting up early is worthwhile in three ways: you are fitter and more focused for the day and reduce your fat deposits more effectively.

The chances for a successful membership in the 5 am-Club are unfortunately not the same for everyone

5 am Club

There are people like me who find it very easy to jump out of bed in the morning. At 5.45 clock rings my alarm clock. I do not think much about it, and everything happens automatically: into the sports outfit, off to the bike and on to the gym. This is my personal best start in a day full of energy!

And there are people for whom the thought of it is a torment. They prefer to press the snooze button every 10 minutes before actually getting up. Which, by the way, means agony to me. The day would have been for me!

Even though scientists can now show that it is genetically determined by presenting the gene activity, whether one is an early bird or a morning grouch, it does not mean that the latter has no chance to join the club. If you belong to the owls, it will probably cost you more overcoming and discipline in the beginning. Maybe it will even be easier for you than to think. After all, you can really have a say and make a judgment about something, if you try it yourself. So why not start tomorrow?

5 tips for successfully entering the 5 am Club

5 am Club

  1. Make getting up early routine! It takes about 30 days for people to change their habits. Try to get up an hour earlier than 6 weeks a week earlier than usual and use them for you. Now in the summer, when it gets light early, the changeover is particularly easy.
  2. Snoozing is not! Turn off the sleep mode on the alarm clock. When the alarm rings, get out of bed immediately. Do not think about it for long; otherwise, you will most likely give in to the inner desire to sleep longer.
  3. Think positive! It’s all a matter of attitude. So do not complain that you are “robbed” of an hour of precious sleep. On the contrary, you gain an hour of precious life. That’s 365 hours a year! By the way, 7 hours of sleep are enough to stay focused, efficient and healthy.
  4. Go to bed earlier, so that you get that 7 hours sleep too. You should also do that as a routine.
  5. Stay away from the smartphone or computer one hour before falling asleep! The blue waves of the display light inhibit melatonin secretion. But the hormone melatonin makes us tired.

You’ll love this at 5 am-Club

  • You’ve already ticked off the most important things and no pressure to end up in the crowded gym after work.
  • You have more time to meet after working with friends or to lie well deserved on the couch. And if you have unexpected overtime, then you take it too calmly.
  • No pig calls you! Gorgeous, so early in the morning, no one wants something from you. You can focus on what you are doing.
  • Clean Sculpting! Get up an hour earlier, but have breakfast one hour later. If you’ve done a good job, you can fill your energy stores with a clear conscience.
  • Knowing you have already done something for you will inspire you for the rest of the day and make you more productive in all areas.

Conclusion: If you want to be successful – whether during training, losing weight or at work, you have to leave your current comfort zone. The good thing about the 5 am club is that once your biorhythm has been changed and timed to get up early, the club will become your new comfort zone.

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