Thursday, October 17, 2019

Russia’s Latest ‘Hi-Tech’ Robot Is Just a Man in a Suit | AIB

A humanoid robot presented as Boris by Russian television in a report on a youth forum of science and technology on Tuesday turned out to be a man in disguise.

The robot Boris was the star of the event, assured that “he knew a lot about mathematics, but he also wanted to learn how to draw” and he danced some dances with the presenters to demonstrate his ability to move. This was explained by the news presenter, who said that “the Boris robot has already learned to dance and it does not do so badly.”

However, not all the spectators believed the story of Boris. Between the internauts and bloggers began to arise doubts and comments on the possible deception. Soon it was discovered that this dancing robot was not the result of a secret defense project, but a man in disguise.

Among the first to suspect fraud is the Russian website TJournal, which published a series of questions related to the robot’s performance. Specifically, they wondered where Boris’s external sensors were and why the robot made so many “unnecessary movements” while dancing.

After a few hours, images of the Boris robot appeared on social networks, interacting with the young people attending the forum. In those photos, you could clearly see the neckline of the robot suit and the person who was wearing it.

Boris turned out to be the “Alyosha the Robot” costume made by a company called Show Robots, and that suit costs 3,750 dollars. Of course, it is equipped with a microphone and tablet screen and creates the “almost total illusion of being a real robot.”

Finally, the news agency MBKh Media, founded by the opponent of Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, published an image of the actor in the robotic suit just before the Yaroslavl forum.

The organizers of the technology forum, which is held every year for the “future intellectual leaders of Russia,” have published on their website a note in which they report that “they did not try to pass the robot as real.”

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