Friday, September 20, 2019

Microsoft Working On Foldable Surface Codenamed Centaurus | AIB

Tablets or laptops with double screens are not new. Lenovo, for example, already has equipment of this style in its product range. But for Microsoft, it is a new category in which it will debut with the Surface Centaurus. It is a tablet but close to laptops, with a design similar to the prototype Tiger Rapids that Intel presented at Computex this summer. It is also similar to the Microsoft Courier. Apparently, Microsoft wants to prioritize this project.

It is a 2 in 1 double screen, with different possible configurations, like a keyboard or extended screen. The processor will be based on the x86 architecture, but with a different operating system called Windows Core OS designed from scratch for dual displays.


This Foldable Surface interface dynamically adapts to the mode you are using. When you use the gadget like a laptop, one of the two screens will change into a keyboard and trackpad. That sounds like what Lenovo has already achieved with the Yoga Book C930, but then for the masses.

In the single-screen mode, you can use the unannounced Surface as a tablet or remarkably enough, as an e-reader. According to Bowden, there is an e-ink panel. When the Centaurus, the alleged code name of the project, is completely flat, the two screens together form a tablet. This makes the project think of the unreleased Courier.

The apps will be limited to those in the Microsoft Store, with an expected release date that will not be before the fall of 2019. It is logical if we take into account that significant work will have to be done by adapting applications and programs to this technology. It seems that 2019 will be the year of the dual screens, whether they are collapsible or in a more classic format like this Microsoft device.

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