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Exploring the Educational Potential of Robotics for Children | AIB

Imagine life after 15 or 20 years. You are seeing a technological future, where your children dominate the use of new technologies, just as they do now that they are very small. The audiovisual media of the homes are incredible, and they handle them perfectly. Cars are autonomous, a machine serves you food in the bar, and your tour guide in Paris is a robot, and your children know how to handle everything.

The question is … will your children have a job?

As a parent, everyone concerned about the training of their children receives. They try to give them a range of possibilities so they can go to the profession they like. But are we analyzing well the society of the future? Are we really giving them all the possibilities of training for the professions of the future?

You have imagined the technological future, and now you must think that you prefer. You prefer to imagine your children as consumers of technology or as creators of technology. Do you prefer to imagine your children being looked after by a robot in the supermarket box or seeing your children designing a robot that handles the box of a supermarket?

The difference between generations is that the current technological evolution is much more accelerated. I do not think we should wait for our children to choose a career to train them in technology. With educational robotics, we can try to learn to create technology, not just to use it.

Robotics education for children

Inside or outside the school you should give your children all the possible possibilities so that they choose and be happy. Sports, art, languages, office or theater sure they will be useful. But perhaps we have been neglecting philosophical education, financial education, and technological education. As far as I’m concerned, technological education, I think that educational robotics is a great resource that schools should include.

Impact of robotics in the future labor sector

By now you may have heard about the fourth industrial revolution. It is the fourth great industrial leap based on hyper automatization, interconnection, and analysis of big data. We are already immersed in this revolution although at the moment we call it Industry 4.0. The summary is the massive destruction of “classic” jobs, but also the creation of new professions hitherto unknown.

The last report of the International Employment Forum foresees the disappearance of 7 million jobs due to robotization 4.0 until 2020. Other reports, such as the Bank of America Merrill Lynch cited by The Guardian call attention to the speed at which everything will happen. But logically we have the other side of the coin. Automation will create new employment categories.

What does educational robotics contribute?

Educational Robotics

Educational robotics is one of the best resources we have to give our children the technological option. If we introduce them through the game knowledge of programming, automatic, mechanics of robots, etc. they will be able to face their challenges in the future better if they choose the technological path, which as the numbers show will be most likely.

Most educational robotics kits include projects for the child to progress and increase the difficulty. Experimentation is the best way to set the concepts, and for the child, it is a game. Currently, there are workshops for children from 5 years to 16 years old and educational robotics kits to experience at home from even younger, and with the help of the courses of educational robotics and programming of Robotic Games, you will be able to advance without a problem.

My advice is that you inform yourself about the technological training that the school of your children can provide. You can also consult the directory of training centers that do educational robotics workshops as an extra-curricular. And finally, you can buy a kit for your children to practice at home.

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