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Does Article Publishing Frequency Really Matters | AIB

This article was written as part of the SEMrush Big Blogging Contest. Whether you are owning a corporate website, E-commerce store or even a blog, Keeping your website up to date provides you so many benefits. The updating frequency depends on so many different factors, and that’s what we are going to tell you today in this article.

So, let’s begin and get to know about how often does article publishing frequency really matters.

Well, keeping the content of your website is really important. Let me tell you why? Keeping the content of your website updated is not at all an easy task. It costs both money as well as time to do so. But on the other hand, you also get lots of benefits from doing so. And especially you will have great long-term benefits from it.

Benefits From Keeping Your Website’s Content Updated!

It’s good for SEO:

Your search engine loves to have content, and especially new content
]is always welcomed. They like to have new and long quality posts index to satisfy its users. It is quite obvious that when a website which is updated regularly is crawled more often, and of course, it has more pages in the index and has a lot more chances to boost the SEO by the practice of interlinking.

It’s good for the users of your website:

The main motive of any website is to serve users, and providing users with fresh content makes them happy and satisfied. And a happy user is going to provide you so many benefits like a happy user will surely come back to your website, and he will probably register, buy and even recommend your website to other people.

And I am not claiming that it is a very easy thing to do, you need to get your website noticed first so that, a decent amount of readers could at least reach your site, and once you reach to that position, everything seems to be a lot easier.

Updating is the core of content marketing:

Content marketing is really very popular nowadays. And everyone says that its a new way of SEO and trust me, folks, it’s not less than the truth. Without content, you can not do many things online. But with good content, many new doors are open online. Content is the core for both online as well as offline business houses to generate sales as well as to promote brand awareness.

And you could even see each and every brand is doing so to promote their product. And the examples are in front of you like Nike is doing this to promote their shoes, BMW to promote their cars, Maybelline to promote their cosmetics and many more examples are there.

And you could even see each and every brand is doing so to promote their product. And the examples are in front of you like Nike is doing this to promote their shoes, BMW to promote their cars, Maybelline to promote their cosmetics and many more examples are there.

It’s a signal that your business or website is alive and active:

Just imagine you are visiting 2 identical websites which are dealing in the same product and that too at the same price. But the only difference is that one of them has an updated blog, news section or support forum. And the other one didn’t have this and rest all the things are equal.

So, which one will you trust more easily? And if asking to me, I would trust the first one as the one who provides updated content, gives the feeling that he is still active, operating and he is concerned about its users and customers. And the same also happens with a product support forums, if the last update was 2 or 3 years ago, are you going to trust that site? And buy their product even already knowing that their support system is nearly non-existing?

It’s good for social media:

If you use the medium of social media marketing to promote your website or blog, you must be knowing that one of the most critical factors for success is the content you are posting on your social media pages. And many times all your efforts get wasted because of lack of content. And that’s why having a website that is updated on a regular basis is going to even improve your social media promotions for sure.

And now, let’s get to know how often we should add content to your website or blog? Well, it could vary from website to website or blog to blog. As the mission of each website is different, that’s why the updation requirement is also different. You can not expect a corporate blog to be updated as often as a regular blog and in the same way, you could not compare any regular blog to any sports or news blog. And like this, different categories of blog requires different types of updations and in different time intervals.

As from the beginning of this article, I am talking to you about the fresh content, so now let me clear to you that what actually fresh content means. Because fresh content is the word, which many people will misunderstand, and it will make the updating job even more difficult. So, “fresh content” is not necessarily the content which is totally new for the web, but it is also the content that is particularly new for the website and is not to be found anywhere else on the internet exactly in the say way, you have presented it.

To make it understand more easily, let me give you an example like, you are reading this article, it is a “new content” for this website. And it will not be provided by any other site in the same format it is available here. It is purely unique and exclusive for this website.

So, by ‘fresh’ it doesn’t mean new content or new item well it is obvious. But it means a new item or new content for a particular blog or website itself.

Final Few Words About Does Article Publishing Frequency Really Matters

Well, article publishing frequency is one of the most important factors for boosting up your website. And it is really very important to increase the traffic on your blog or website. And that’s why you must keep a look at, and you should stay updated with your website always. As it is going to be beneficial for you for sure.

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