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Bidding Farewell to this Year and Welcoming a New Year | AIB

The turn of the year is approaching with huge steps. You may already be thinking of New Year’s resolutions or goals that you would like to achieve next year. But did you already think about closing the old year well? That’s why you should take your time for a positive review:

Looking ahead, that’s basically good. Proper looking back is just as important to your progress. Completing the year and looking back – that can be just as profitable for your job as it is for your private life.

Completing the year well means starting well into the new one

Farewell to this year

Until the turn of the year is still a little time to think about how you want to design your annual review. Remembering a year depends on where I set the milestones. If you only focus on what was bad and what went wrong this year that will be an awful memory.

It is always important to think about the positive side that a story has happened is true. That bad has happened is true, but the good is, it’s over. The question is, what did I learn from this? What insights, what competencies have I developed? We have three techniques that can help you in the proper look back.

1. Annual Review

Farewell to this year

Get an overview of the whole year and take enough time for it. If you enjoy visualization, you can record a timeline and draw events. But you can also carry out an annual record on New Year’s Eve when talking to friends or on the last working day before the turn of the year in the company of your colleagues. Answer the following questions for yourself:

a. What successes have I been able to record?

Use your calendar or diary to help and do not forget about your little successes. Not every year you can make the big hit, but even small steps bring you on. Do not drift too much into the evaluation. Positive comes from Positum and means “the whole,” so all “strange” events should be considered!

b. What failures did I have to post?

Not a pleasant point, but do not cheat on those memories. What mistakes did you make, which decisions turned out to be wrong? Now it’s about learning from your mistakes. Maybe this year, you rashly put your trust in someone else or opted for a job offer, putting the negative aspects aside? Be critical and think about what you can do to avoid the same mistakes again. Also, you can always think about how you can turn negative events into positives.

c. What goals have I achieved?

Once you’ve set goals, now is the time to check if you’ve achieved them: the desired salary increase, the longed-for contract, the long journey to Europe. Think about which of the unachieved goals you would like to take next year and which ones you want to say goodbye to. As your life changes, so do your goals. Think about what helped you achieve your goals and what was a hindrance. You can take these lessons with you into the new year.

2. Re-Evaluating Decisions

Zero-based thinking is a way to re-evaluate and re-think old decisions from today’s perspective. With this method, you can analyze all areas of life. Why? To find wrong decisions and not drag them around with you any longer. For zero-based thinking, all you have to do is ask one question: would I, based on my current situation, make that decision again?

  • You took on a new job in the summer. Would you, with current knowledge, make that decision again?
  • You have been studying part-time for a year. From today’s point of view, would you enroll again at the university?
  • You have been volunteering for a year in your free time in a club. Would you decide from today’s perspective again?

3. Success and Happiness Diary

Farewell to this year

You can either mark this method for next year, or you can use your existing dairy. Every day you write down what you have succeeded well or what has pleased you today. You will see: even on the most unsuccessful days, there will be at least something positive that you can write down.

It is not necessary to enter everything that happened, but you can record short entries or even photos. Exciting is: If you have led fortune book for half a year, the positive effects are noticeable until one and a half years later! If you’ve been keeping a diary all year, you can turn your entries into a success or happiness diary. So at the end of the year, you can read everything that has worked well for you in the past twelve months or what made you happy.

Nothing stands in the way of a confident and confident start into the new year.

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