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After Artificial Moon, China Develops Artificial Sun | AIB

Science in China is developing at an emergency rate. Whether that is a good idea or bad, let’s be in the middle. The fact is that Chinese science is not taking it so closely with ethical dilemmas. Yet sometimes very beautiful things arise from that angle. Earlier this year, the news came out that China had developed an artificial moon. Now you can add an artificial sun to the list.

But what about the moon again? It has been developed as a sustainable idea with which the Chinese city of Chengdu can be illuminated. The city can say goodbye to old-fashioned street lighting, and it should become a more attractive destination for tourists.

Artificial moon

Critics argue that there will also be major negative consequences associated with such a solution. The daily ecological routine of many animals will be disturbed, and even the observation of astronomy can be hampered. The scientists behind the intriguing project counter that criticism with the defense that the dim glow will have no influence on animals, and that the astronomical corner does not have to worry either.

A prototype of that moon has already been manufactured, so we will soon hear more about that. In the meantime, Chinese science has not stopped, and so an artificial sun has developed.

Artificial Sun

Artificial Sun

Unlike the artificial moon, this sun will simply do its job on earth. It is the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak, an experimental nuclear fusion reactor with which a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius has been created. This is six times hotter than the core of our sun. In fact, it is the highest temperature have ever measured on Earth.

This device is designed to imitate the way in which the Sun generates its enormous caloric and luminous power. The objective of Tokamak is to obtain energy from nuclear fusion, which consists of the union of two atoms to form a larger one releasing an enormous amount of energy and, thus, imitate the process that occurs in the stars naturally for the sake of getting a source of clean and inexhaustible energy.

But what do we do about that? A lot, according to Chinese scientists, this is the most important and promising solution for the global climate problem. Such an artificial sun would provide an unlimited amount of green electricity. For the time being, however, they cannot yet put the project into practice. At this moment the sun can only produce that towering temperature for 10 seconds. Moreover, it costs more energy than it produces. For now, it remains as brilliant research.

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