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4 Exercises That Can Help Get Rid of Foot Pain | AIB

The pain in the feet is very annoying. This part of our body supports all our weight and is, almost all day, in motion. When we get up to drink a glass of water, when we go to work or do physical exercise, the feet are doing a great job.

However, we do not usually pay them due attention. As a result, the pain in the feet begins to manifest itself so that, so, we begin to take care of them a little more, allowing them to rest from being always stuck in tight shoes or standing too long.

4 Exercises for Foot Pain

1. If you have pain in your feet, walk barefoot

Foot Pain

Maybe you have the habit of being shoes even when you’re inside the house. This is not good for your feet, as they need to feel free from any shoe. And, even more, if we are talking about heels. The latter enhance pain in the feet.

When you are at home, try to walk barefoot if possible. You will see how your pain in the feet remits easily.

Also, it is very positive that you walk barefoot if you go to the beach. The contact of the feet with the sand makes this a gentle massage for your feet. Without a doubt, they will thank you.

2. Move the feet

Foot Pain

Just as we do exercises to tone the face or body, it is also necessary to exercise the feet. Have you ever done it?

Surely the answer is “no.” That’s why today we’re going to discover some exercises you can do that will not take much time:

  • For at least 2 minutes, try to walk on tiptoe throughout the house. This, even if you do not believe it, will reduce the pain in the feet that you may be suffering.
  • Move the foot in a circular way. This is often used as part of a warm-up before physical exercise, but it also helps reduce pain.
  • Try to grab objects. It is an excellent way to put the whole foot into operation, forcing it to adopt some positions that can be somewhat complicated, but that will be able to exercise it and reduce the pain.

Doing these foot exercises two or three times a week will help you deal with pain effectively. Take advantage of the weekend to do them or when you have a break at work.

3. Use a ball

Foot Pain

The balls are great allies to fight the pain in the feet. To use them, you just have to choose one that is neither too big nor too small. Sitting, or standing, put your foot on it as if you wanted to step on it and slide it back and forth.

You will notice how the ball is giving a gentle massage to your foot and how the pain will be reduced. You can choose a rough ball or with some kind of texture on its surface so that the massage is enhanced.

Also, you can enter variants when performing the exercise. For example, to make circles with the foot on the ball or to influence in that area that you feel more pain.

4. Pamper your feet

Foot Pain


Perhaps, the previous alternatives to relieve pain in the feet have never been put into practice. Therefore, it is also unlikely that you dedicate at least one day a week to pamper your feet.

How do you take care of your feet? When was the last time you dipped them in warm water? Do you give him a massage with his hands?

Doing this once a week will help you deal with the pain in your feet. Also, we recommend that you use cream when mimes to moisturize them. The dehydration and the scarce care of this part of our body are what favors the emergence of hardness.

How to take care of the feet?

Foot Pain

We pay attention to our face, our body and even our hands. However, the feet are often forgotten. Luckily, we can change this from now on.

  • When we put cream on our hands, take advantage and throw it on your feet too.
  • During the shower, when exfoliating the body, we use the pumice stone to pamper the feet.

At first, it will be hard for us to remember. However, striving to meet them will make them, little by little, have their place in our routine of care and beauty.

We hope that the exercises we have mentioned will help you deal with foot pain, but also allow you to be aware of the importance of taking care of them and mimes from now on.

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