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Visit Iceland – Top 10 Places to Visit in Iceland | AIB

Many know it as the land of ice and fire, and for lovers of nature, it is an incredible destination that does not leave them indifferent. Traveling to this country can be a unique experience. Volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, fjords … are a daily reality and make Iceland one of the most exciting nature destinations on the planet. There is no doubt that Iceland is a natural paradise where every corner you see will find a place that will take your breath away.

Let’s see how to make the most of your stay in this amazing place. We show you the places you have to see in Iceland

1. Golden Circle

This is how a privileged place is known. Here are some of the most characteristic and impressive attractions to see in Iceland. Among them, the following stand out:

The National Park of Thingvellir: A wonderful place on the shores of a lake where you can practice some water sports. In its surroundings, you can go hiking. In this park, there are night routes of five hours in which to see another perspective of this wonderful place declared World Heritage by Unesco.

The Gullfoss waterfall: An impressive waterfall of incredible dimensions that falls on the river Hvitá, creating a show that you can observe from one of the nearby viewpoints.

The valley of the geysers, Haukadalur, where two of the most famous are found: the Strokkur and the Geysir. They throw jets intermittently and create pools of hot water that form an incredible view.

2. Landmannalaugar

This is one of the most visited areas by lovers of nature and mountain sports — a place where you can enjoy lunar landscapes that change their colors and shapes depending on the season of the year. Glaciers, labor, lush forests, volcanoes, and geothermal pools await you in this exciting area.

3. The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon


This is, without doubt, one of the most important claims for tourism. In it, you can see floating icebergs that have detached from the glacial tongue from which the lagoon forms. This lagoon is, without a doubt, a wonderful place to make unforgettable photos.

4. Northern Lights

Who has not dreamed of seeing them once? It is true that you never know when they will appear, although you do know the season in which they do it. The winter, although cold, offers this spectacle without equal.

But if winter is not your thing, you can try your luck at the end of August, when they have also been seen. The locals will recommend the best places to see these northern lights.

5. Lake Mývatn


Lake Mývatn presents an incredible beauty. Enjoy walking through the rocks of Dimmuborgir and contemplating the surrounding beauty. You can also take a bath in Mývatn’s natural baths.

There are about 70 thermal pits in which to enjoy a relaxing and hot bath for free. These pools reach 25 to 45 degrees and, without a doubt, you will love to see them and enjoy them after your excursions in the area.

6. The Volcanoes of Iceland

Iceland is called the country of fire because of the 200 known volcanoes in it. It is recognized as one of the countries with the highest volcanic activity. Among the most famous is Hekla, although you can also enjoy many others.

The Snæfellsjökull volcano is a must, as it not only has stunning views, but it is also the famous volcano spoken of by Jules Verne in his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.

7. Dyrholaey Cliff

Dyrholaey is an area of ​​cliffs on the sea, where from its highest part, in addition to a lighthouse, you can get spectacular views of the waves breaking on the black sand beach of Reysnisdrangar, green fields, and glaciers in the distance!

It is one of the best places in Iceland to see puffins (birds) that can be found in Iceland. They are partly reminiscent of a penguin, but with a spike of colors; and they have a loving attitude, although they do not approach people, they usually live in nests that dig into the cliffs, and they are a tourist attraction for the island.

8. The Icelandic Fjords


This is the wildest state in Iceland. The fjords, in the west of the country, will show you a story postcard that will appear from a screen background. Although it is a little out of the way, and you will need two days at least to enjoy them, we assure you that it will be worth it.

9. Skógafoss Waterfall


In Iceland there are many waterfalls, each one more beautiful, and that is why it is difficult to choose the most beautiful, but Skógafoss stands out for the spectacularity. With more than 60 meters high and 25 meters wide, it is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. On sunny days, a glistening rainbow forms, making Skogafoss one of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders.

10. Blue Lagoon

Nothing better than to finish this spectacular trip by Iceland relaxing in this geothermal spa. It is a unique experience to bathe in waters of 37º degrees, rich in minerals, such as silica and sulfur. Also, you can also enjoy different saunas, apply masks and facial peels. It is just 12 km from the airport, it is an ideal option, before catching the plane back home, and take a nice and pleasant feeling of Iceland.

Nature everywhere is what awaits you on this wonderful trip to the land of ice and fire. Will you sign up for your next vacation?

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