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Why Olive Oil Will Always Be The Best Superfood | AIB

The olive oil is an oil of vegetable-type often used for cooking certain foods or as a seasoning for some dishes giving it a characteristic quality. It is obtained through the olive tree, and its rich olives, thanks to being pressed, produces this healthy oil.

However, it has also been used for cosmetic purposes. The oil is usually extracted from ripe olives between six and eight months, which is when they carry more oil inside. The quality of the oil depends on the process of choosing before, so great care is taken when carrying out the processes before squeezing. In this way, it becomes a superfood to be able to eat with our favorite foods.

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil

Recent studies on olive oil have discovered that it has multiple benefits for our health, as long as it is not abused, as with any food. This oil can be eaten raw until breakfast with a toast of bread if we add tomato and a pinch of salt can be converted into a breakfast that gives us a lot of energy to start the day.

Thanks to its nutrients, adding olive oil to our meals, as long as it is a balanced diet and we do a little exercise will be beneficial for our cardiovascular system. This happens thanks to the fatty acids that are present in olive oil, specifically oleic acid helping to reduce the levels of LDL-bad cholesterol. Dilatation of the arterial vessel occurs, in turn, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Another of its benefits is that it favors our digestive function by reducing gastric secretion. This way, gastrointestinal diseases can be prevented. Olive oil is also used as a gastric protector. Helps to cope with hypertension thanks to polyphenols and oleic acid. This oil prevents constipation in improving the digestion. Studies show that olive oil has properties to improve metabolic functions and brain development.

It also improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and zinc, therefore helps bone growth. Enhances absorption of liposoluble as Vitamin A and D. Olive oil has a great antioxidant power, which decreases the aging of the cell membrane thanks to the Vitamin E contribution it has. The incidence of complications in patients with type II diabetes mellitus also decreases.

Olive oil

Special attention should be paid to excessive consumption of saturated fats because they can lead to overweight and obesity, as these factors can worsen the disease. It is advisable if you suffer from this type of disease first to assist a specialist to make us a specific study because each person is different.

You can lose weight thanks to the feeling of satiety containing healthy fats that make losing weight easier. Olive oil has oleocanthal contents, therefore an anti-inflammatory action that helps reduce the pain of joints and muscles.

Some studies claim that people who consume in a rationalized way olive oil have less pain than those who do not consume it. The consumption of olive oil helps the prevention of certain types of cancers. This is possible and is related in its high content of oleic acid, which is the acid that we can find more in this rich food.

Olive oil also contains flavonoid, polyphenols, squalene, and antioxidants that help to benefit from this anti-carcinogenic property. Another benefit of consuming olive oil is that it helps our immune system. It helps fight against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that lead to other diseases. This type of oil is rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients that help strengthen our immune system.

Nutritious meals with olive oil

There are many meals that we can make with olive oil. Among its main uses, in the Mediterranean diet to use to fry certain foods, such as steaks, French fries, and an innumerable list. It also serves to align our salads and give it that characteristic touch. It is also used to cook the pasta, making it take a different flavor point in cooking.

The toasts with smoked salmon and touch of oil have a great energetic contribution, that if it is advisable not to consume in excess since the salmon is one of the fattiest fish. Other recipes that provide multiple benefits to our body is a salad jacket in which the olive oil made above giving it a delicious taste. In almost all the meals you can add a little of this delightful oil to provide more flavor, and it is perfect for our health.

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