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Top Agile Certifications That Will Excel Your Career | AIB

The Agile framework has got many misconceptions associated with it like there is no other plan or process to be followed by agile certification. The agile allows its programming team to do whatever they want without project management and architecture.

Its leaves the solution to emerge and the programmers do all the necessary testing with unit test. But this is a misunderstanding.

What is Agile? Understand the Concept!

Agile is a software development methodology by iterative development. Here the solutions and requirements evolve through collaboration between self-organized cross-function teams.

This methodology has now changed the aspect of project management and software development with the increasing demand of those professionals who have agile knowledge with experience. It is no surprise that Scrum Master certification has become one of the popular choices of IT professionals. Agile has brought revolution in the face of project management and software development. It increased the demand of professionals in IT who understand this methodology.

The methodology emphasizes a cross-functional team to collaborate iteratively and incrementally on project flexibly. This is a practice used in every organization today with a wide array, and there are many certifications available to test the knowledge and competency of IT professionals with the framework. For agile project management, learners should have knowledge of the Scrum framework. They can go for CSM certification which best prepares them in this field.

Importance of Agile Certification

The agile certification offers a better opportunity for professionals who seek to accomplish success in their IT professional career and those who find jobs in an Agile based environment.

  • Competitive advantage over the peers
  • Increased adoption of the Agile framework
  • The massive demand of Agile Professionals
  • Agile is better than another traditional waterfall approach
  • Stronger career opportunities
  • Increased productivity
  • Certification and instant validation
  • Better remuneration
  • On a whole constant rise in project management

Common Types of Agile Methodologies

The methodology used in agile may vary excessively. It teaches different software development and also project management. You can do agile certification to know how one method focuses on different things than others cover. It is due to the various methodologies and approach towards agile. The top methodologies used in agile are:

  • Scrum
  • CSM
  • Safe Agilist Certification training

Agile Scrum Master Certification

Scrum Master Certification is the most popular certification among other IT management. It offers access to the basic agile structure, roles of scrum, happenings, procedures, and artifacts of the Scrum framework. Its examination is easy, but if you do not know it practically and theoretically, it is better to study the course first before taking its exam.

This course is the most beneficial for the senior managers and members of SEPG/PMO/OMG coaches who govern different scrum projects. Software development professionals who are expert in its methodologies can take up this course. Still, this course mainly targets Scrum masters and agile enthusiast who can successfully roll out Agile and Scrum projects and organizations.

The Major Benefits!

  1. Expand the career opportunities across every industry who adopts Agile practices
  2. Demonstrate the attainment of essential scrum knowledge
  3. Can learn the scrum foundation and scope of its role
  4. You can engage with the Scrum practitioners who commits a continuous improvement

It’s Details

The first step in doing the CSM is getting familiarised with the framework of Scrum. Then attend the course taught by a CST or Certified Scrum trainer to get a comprehensive idea of how to support and organize a scrum team. You can now pass the exam.

CSM Certification

Every Agile development professionals need a Scrum Master to be successful. If you get certified in Scrum master, you probably can facilitate your team and increases the chance to be successful. The scrum master is not any project leader or manager rather a servant leader dedicated to helping the success of scrum teams within the framework.

It includes many responsibilities like help the team to work together and protect that team from any distraction derails your productivity. There are many benefits of CSM like to increase the career opportunities and to engage you with scrum experts.

The Major Benefits!

  • Acquire the principles and skills of Scrum
  • Bring a change in mindset
  • Stay ahead of the career
  • Avoid obstacles and challenges of Agile implementation
  • Enhance team collaboration

It’s Details

There are three steps for becoming one of the best-certified scrum masters:

  • First, get familiarised with the Scrum, and you should complete all the pre-requisites to attend a CSM course
  • You should attend the CSM course and get it done under the best-certified scrum trainer
  • Then pass the exam by scoring at least 24 out of 35 questions

Safe Agilist Certification Training

Today, the agile methods are found readily applicable to most organizations. It works for the small team, collaborative teams, geographies, and complex systems. In such a way, agile implementation often fails to accomplish that impact. The Safe or Scaled Agile Framework is like the complete methodology for big-scale project teams who carry out the agile transformation seamlessly.

To apply Agile or Lean principles and practices with an enterprise across all levels are the primary steps towards such changes. The framework of Safe effortlessly synchronizes collaboration, alignment, and delivery of various agile teams that leads to enterprise success.

The Major Benefits!

  • Safe demonstrate how Agile, lean and product development can follow the form of Safe foundation
  • Apply Safe to scale Agile and Lean development
  • Recognize and apply its mindset and principles
  • Explore, deploy, integrate and release value continuously
  • Empower with the portfolio of Lean
  • Enhance the Agile-Lean leadership skills
  • Support the transformation with Agile-Lean
  • Complete the course leading to Safe certification exam

It’s Details

For successful completion of Safe training course takes you to the SAFE 4 Agilist certification exam. There are certain prerequisites recommended for those who want to take this exam:

  • Should have more than five years’ experience in business analysis, project management, testing and software development
  • Experience in Scrum

In today’s competitive period, you have to appreciate learning influence to bring a change in your career. More the skills you possess better you can able to perform and lead to exceptional work the employers and companies. Now, some less qualified professionals understand the importance of agile methods and can easily implement its framework in any project management scenarios. Agile certification offers you better visibility along with an influential platform for exhibiting your true credentials.

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