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The Lies About Happiness That We All Have Ever Believed | AIB

Our heart does not stop repeating every day that each of us is unique, that we are special and that every decision we make in our life will determine who we are. This way of understanding life leads us to want to make the most of it and, above all, to do only and exclusively what makes us happy (or that brings us closer to happiness).

But what happens if we do not? We live with the pressure of only accepting what makes us happy and we are not prepared for failure. These situations lead us to states of anxiety and even to depression because we think that we can never achieve that total happiness.

Lies about happiness

With this way of understanding life, a narcissistic generation has been created that lacks self-criticism in which there is no room for imperfection. To bear it, we usually lie to each other. We lie about what we are, about what we have and even about what we will never do. We have forgotten that life is not a straight line, but that there are mountains to climb, curves to overcome and no shortcuts to reach the final point.

These are the 4 lies that will accompany us all our lives and do not allow us to be happy

1. “If I had more time to do what I want …”

If you want to do something, do it now. Do not let your expectations blind you and do what you love. You must eliminate the expression “time is money” from your head. Maybe when you were a teenager, you lost a lot of time leaving aside great opportunities, but that past decisions do not prevent you from being happy in the present. If you have some free time invest in what you love and not in trying to earn more money.

2. “I am afraid of what others think of my decisions”

We look too much at appearances, but why do we care so much about the opinion others have of us? Without realizing it, we are slaves to the expectations that others place in us. Even if you think you are strong and do not influence you, sometimes even your own family makes decisions for you.

How many friends do you know who have studied a career because of their parents’ pressure? How many are still with your partner because it is what others expect? Be true to yourself, your convictions and your intuition. Lose the fear of failure and remember that sometimes, the simplest things are the stones that do not let us walk forward.

3. If I had more … yes I would be happy

Lies about happiness

We spend our lives programming the next step, what we are going to do next. Finish primary school; then, go to the institute; Then, get a career and become independent. Then, find the job we want, travel as much as we dream, get married or have children … But when will we reach our peak of happiness? The problem is that this point does not exist. Therefore, we must eliminate this possibility from our head and begin to see the happiness on the road, not goals.

4. “When I find ‘that person’ I will be happy”

Lies about happiness

Since we are little, we started the search for perfect love and, although many believe that it is a product of education and television, it is something much more complicated. It is clear that love can make you happy, but it is not the key to happiness (far from it). Happiness must arise from oneself and not from the state we feel when we are with someone.

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