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Squoosh: Google’s New Tool to Convert and Compress Photos | AIB

To compress our photos and images, we usually resort to programs on our computers such as Photoshop or Resizer. However, there are also web pages that allow us to do it without installing any application, such as tinyPNG, but which are very limited regarding functionalities. Therefore, Google has launched Squoosh, its new and complete compressor, an online converter.

Squoosh: the best compressor and web image converter?

Squoosh allows you to compress images, change them or reduce their size. Although it was presented with the developers in mind, this tool can be used by any user. Google has wanted to prioritize the speed with this converter while looking to demonstrate the new features that are coming to Chrome. For example, thanks to the use of WebAssembly, Squoosh can use image compression codecs that are generally not available in the browser.

Among the formats supported by the converter are the classic JPG and PNG, but we also find others adapted to web pages, such as MozJPEG or WebP to have them quickly available for web pages. Also, we can see the original image in real time on the right to the compressed to make changes before obtaining the final result and look at the advantages and disadvantages of using each format.

The first time you access Squoosh, it is necessary to have an Internet connection, but from there it will not be required to do so because it will be downloaded in the browser itself to access it without a connection. The tool works in all web browsers (including mobile), although the best functionality will be obtained in Chrome.

WebP, JPEG or PNG: any of the formats that we can choose


With formats like JPEG, we can change the compression method, the resolution, the color palette, and the percentage of compression. The real-time display takes a few seconds to load but remains complete. The fact that it allows you to compress them directly in WebP is also something that is not often seen in other programs, and we can see in real time how this Google compression algorithm is much better than JPEG, with less loss of quality. Also, in the lower right part, we are always shown the final size of the compressed file.

To use the tool you have to go to the page or you can also download its source code from the Google Chrome Labs GitHub.

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