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Sony Is Skipping E3, Could PlayStation 5 Be The Reason? | AIB

Last week Sony announced that PlayStation would not be present on the E3 of 2019. A big shock for the industry, because that is the first time in the 24 years that the Sony console will not be present in E3. A pretty reliable source that is currently coming up with new information. Sony does not organize PlayStation Experience (PSX) this year for the first time in three years. And that has everything to do with the new PlayStation 5.

According to sources, Sony will be unveiling its brand new console next year. Because of the absence during the E3 and no PSX, the producer can be busy with something big. And that must be the PlayStation 5, which we will finally see next year. And an unveiling in 2019, that means a release in 2020 if everything goes as planned. This news and the latest rumors and the interim reports all fit into the larger story that all efforts are focused on the presentation of the PS5 next year.

PlayStation 5 will only be on the market in 2020

PlayStation 5

With this news we see the timeline of the PlayStation 4 revelation repeating itself. Halfway through 2013, the console popped up for the first time, to be fully shown during PSX later that year. Something we can expect without a doubt next year with the arrival of the PlayStation 5. A preview in the middle of the year, the complete unveiling at the end of the year.

When the timeline runs the same as the timeline of the PlayStation 4, we see the PS5 appear in 2020. Somewhere around the end of the year would be the most realistic option. The current console appeared on November 15, 2013, which would make the PlayStation 5 appear in November 2020. Seven years after the arrival of the current-gen console.


PlayStation 5

The above timeline, or rather the rumor, absolutely fits the expected life cycle of the console. What is more interesting about the ‘next-gen’ home consoles is that they will become more and more digital, as publishers are paying more and more attention to games as live services.

Thanks to the fact that PS4 has adapted its core architecture to be more in line with PCs and makes it easier for developers, it is very likely that all PS4 software would work on the PS5 and that much next-gen software would still be on the PS4 can work. It is currently problematic if this was not the case. The PlayStation 4 Pro can be run on 4K and supports HDR, similar to the Xbox One X model from Microsoft.

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