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New ‘Lion King’ Trailer Scores Record Views in First 24 Hours | AIB

It is always interesting to know the impact that new film material has on social networks or different platforms such as Youtube. If they have many dislikes, the filmmakers will be nervous; if they break the record of views, you know that they have created the necessary expectation.

“The Lion King” ranks second in the most watched trailers in the studio’s total history, behind “Avengers: Infinity War” which continues in the first place with 238 million visits in 24 hours, although it is worth clarifying that the movie of action was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Disney. These figures refer to all the impacts that it has had on different social networks and different YouTube channels in different languages.

The live-action film “The Lion King” is based on the idea of updating and reinventing Disney classics in search of a more contemporary audience. The Lion King’s trailer did not teach much, but neither was it necessary since the story is well known. The important thing was to know how the animals were made in CGI on the screen. As well as how adorable and charismatic as their 2D version of the 1994 animated film.

Lion King

In Disney it is clear that 2D belongs to another time, now children prefer 3D and real action. That’s why they’re adapting all their animation classics. In 2019 we will see Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King.

In the trailer, we could see the sequence of the mythical song of the Circle of life, the stampede of wildebeest that will lead to the end of Mufasa and the roar of a mighty lion. Only that has already captivated many viewers and generated a debate between the people who are in favor and those who consider it unnecessary.

The Disney film “The Lion King” was initially released in 1994 and made its Broadway debut in 1997. The remake, which will hit theaters next year on July 19, 2019, features the voices of Beyoncé as Nala and Donald Glover as Simba.

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