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Unfortunately, today there is a strong tendency to the loss of values, and that is that we must be aware that our own values ​​are the ones that put limits on how far we can go. This often means that we must give up things we like or things that cause us some particular pleasure, and that is where society has created a kind of shield to try to justify the behavior and the pursuit of this pleasure over anything.

It is no longer the fear of sacrifice that makes people abandon values, but the fact that they deceive themselves by believing that the goal in life is only to satisfy their own needs, forgetting entirely that we share space with other people.

This leads to an individualistic behavior and makes relationships (both friendship and partner, family, etc.) are increasingly more unstable, which we reach a point where it is really complicated to put ourselves in the place of other people and act on the basis of values ​​and not based on self-satisfaction.

Different types of values

With the aim that you spend a little time thinking and valuing the importance of values, we have prepared this list where you will know all the types of values ​​that should be part of your life, being able to find multiple variants within each of them. Above all, it is vital that you reconsider and analyze the importance of respecting your own values ​​and pushing our environment to do so too.

Spiritual values

Often, when talking about values, some people confuse it and think that we only refer to spiritual values, but nothing is further from reality. Evidently, spiritual values ​​are a significant part of the values, which is that they have often been the trigger or those that have pushed the development of other values.

We must think that the human being has entirely defined characteristics so that the belief in something higher is a way that has been able to push the acquisition of moral values, ethical values​​, and positive personal values. It is an excellent example of living in a society in which spiritual values ​​disappear, the rest of the values ​​are automatically disappearing as well.

Within the spiritual values, ​​we can find a multitude of beliefs, although it is evident that it will always be conditioned by our environment and by our way of reasoning. Mainly we speak of the belief in something that can not be demonstrated empirically but pushes to develop the rest of values ​​based on the search for the salvation of the soul through our behavior.

The very important thing is that do not confuse spiritual values ​​with religion since there are many ways to have these values ​​with and without religious beliefs.

The ethical values

Types of Values

Ethical values ​​are those that are related to the way we behave and the way we act in front of other people. It should be noted that ethical values ​​are developed primarily from our social environment, with the family having great importance in this sense and, of course, our own way of seeing things and considering other people.

Family values

In terms of family values ​​are the values ​​that predominate within our family nucleus, which are generally imposed or established by parents to ensure a good coexistence within the family.

The values ​​within the family are fundamental since they will have the great importance of the formation of the individual, thus developing various ethical, spiritual, etc. Values ​​more appropriate both in their present and their future. Basically, it would be the root from which the rest of values ​​are formed.

Material values

Types of Values

It should also be noted that there are material values ​​that are those things that we need to live. However, much of these material values ​​are not really as necessary as society tries to make us believe, so that, in more developed societies, we have gone from needing a roof to needing to have the largest house in the whole neighborhood.

For that reason, material values ​​can be well understood or misunderstood based on the objective of their acquisition. So it is a positive value to want a car to go to work or to be able to relate to other people, while which is negative if the value is based on the fact that the car is the best of all to show that we are above the rest of the people.

Moral values

Types of Values

As for moral values, they are a type of value that is based on our consideration, that is, on what we think is right or wrong. Mainly it focuses on the way we act according to what we believe is right or wrong so that a person develops his moral values ​​when he always acts by what he considers correct, even if it is confusing, it will always be a decision taken with good intention.

However, a person who acts against what he considers correct, or acts in such a way that he knows may be creating harm to third parties, then we would speak of the absence of moral values.

As you can see, it is very similar to ethical values, but basically, the difference is that moral values ​​are individual values ​​and the way of thinking for oneself, while ethical values ​​are those that allow us to relate within society.

Personal values

Types of Values

Personal values ​​are the values ​​that make up a person and primarily focus on the way they act in their day to day. These values ​​are formed from the sum of the rest of the values, that is, the values ​​acquired by the family, the environment, beliefs, etc., but of course the way in which our experiences influence us also has a lot to do with it.

Personal values ​​have a lot of moral values, but in this case, we are talking about something more general, that is, not only the way we act in specific cases but the way we are in our day to day life.

Sociocultural values

Types of Values

To finish, we have the sociocultural values ​​that focus on the society and culture that surrounds us. It should be noted that securities of this type do not have to be linked to other values, that is, many times they are values ​​imposed by society, either through laws or even by unwritten rules within a core.

In this way, in the most advanced societies, when we litter in public places, we will be committing an action that is wrongly seen by the rest of the passers-by. However, this same situation in less developed countries is seen, as usual, so we can observe that different sociocultural values are depending on the society in which we find ourselves.

In turn, we must also bear in mind that within any of these societies, there will be people who have an opinion or another, so that there may be people in more advanced societies who consider that littering is no big crime. The same thus, there are people from less advanced societies who think that theirs is to keep public places clean, which shows that sociocultural values ​​are actually imposed values ​​and have no direct relationship with personal values.

These are all types of values ​​that you must know to integrate them into your life, analyze them and, above all, listen to them from time to time. We all have these types of values, but the important thing is that we know how to take advantage of them and focus them in a correct direction since in this way we will benefit not only the people around us but also ourselves.

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