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The last installment of Hitman had huge problems for a large part of the community and especially the fans of the saga. Although I remain fervently as an advocate of the previous title, I felt that a change of hands was necessary for the saga to maintain the essence that perhaps it lost with its previous title.

Square Enix, the former owner of the studio, put it on sale a year and a half ago, and although it could have ended in tragedy, in the end, everything seems to have gone well. Now, IO Interactive is an independent studio, and they have also managed to keep the rights of the saga starring agent 47. After signing an agreement with Warner Bros., we can finally play Hitman 2, which, incidentally, leaves the episodic format.

Make The World Your Weapon!

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is a game of stealth and infiltration that closely follows the bases laid by its predecessor. In fact, so much so that it is more a kind of the second season than the sequel. Yes, there are playable novelties and visual improvements, but there is not a very remarkable jump. That said, we do not mean it as a negative point; we loved the first part, and it only improves what we already had.

Thus, we find ourselves with open scenarios, a series of objectives to eliminate and a thousand ways to achieve our goal. If we want a more guided experience, we have the possibility of resorting to aids and indications to unleash events that will lead to the elimination of the objective. If not, we can go deactivating aid until we are practically alone before the danger.

Having to listen to conversations and read documents, guide ourselves on the map without help and try dozens of ways to get closer to our goal undetected is incredibly satisfying. Everything is designed so that we find clues and suggestions for the whole scenario, and you feel almost a true hitman when you manage to complete a mission without help.

From the classic execution disguised to put things on a tray to another murderer to do the work for us without having to stain our hands with blood. Poison, sabotage, cause discreet accidents … And not only is how we finish with our objective, but how we manage to reach it without being detected.

Hitman 2

Also, the scenarios are much more complex than those of the first part and tremendously different from each other. We went from a car race in Miami, full of people, where we can get into the pits, in the stands, in exhibition areas or experimental test fields, to a small North American neighborhood, with just people outside the houses, but with more possibilities than we could imagine.

The work at the time of designing them is exceptional, and they lend themselves very much to being rejuvenated. Like the first part, performing the basic mission is just the beginning, and then we can replay all the phases with new objectives, starting points, required eliminations, new contracts and challenges, and even famous elusive goals, as is the case with Sean Bean.

New Options and Modes, Including Multiplayer!

Hitman 2 is full of small improvements and adjustments, which make the infiltration even more complete. From being able to hide in areas of tall grass, to be detected if an enemy sees us reflected on a surface, passing through a briefcase to transport forbidden objects or a small window that informs us with real-time images of concrete events, such as a security camera has recorded us or that an enemy has found a body.

Besides, we have the Ghost mode, a competitive mode through the internet in which two players face each other for being the fastest to eliminate a series of objectives in a shared scenario. The players will see the other competitor as a ghost, and their actions will not affect the other’s departure unless it is something extreme, such as an explosion that causes a stampede. Of course, the objectives are shared, and it is possible that the other player manages to wrestle it at the last second even if you have done all the work to isolate it.

We also have Sniper Assassin mode, both for a player, as with a cooperative mode through the internet. Right now we have a unique scenario, Himmelstein in Austria, but it has already been stated that more will be introduced. Between these two modes, the amount of content we can squeeze in the main story, the elusive temporary goals, and what is to come, the amount of hours we can invest in Hitman 2 is enormous.

Graphics and Sounds!

Hitman 2 is a game that, surely, does more in the technical than it is recognized. It offers huge and complex scenes, some full of characters with hundreds of them on screen simultaneously, with detailed graphics and even HDR. We have played it in PS4 Pro, where its rate of images per second alternates between 60 and 30, but we can limit it to the latter if we do not like oscillations.

One aspect that is of vital importance in a stealth game such as Hitman 2 is sound. The voices of the enemies, their footsteps, their dialogues, the alarm voices they can give, everything is measured millimeter to make it work and not leave anyone indifferent.


Hitman 2 is the return of Agent 47 after feeling lost in the last installment. It is true that the mechanics do not improve practically anything, but offers us more elaborate and complex scenarios, and arrives in a traditional way, without episodes. If you did not like the formula of the first part, based on replay scenarios, you will not like this second, but soon you will enjoy the adventures of Agent 47, we believe that Hitman 2 has everything you need to pass a good handful of hours full of stealth and infiltration.

Review overview

Story & Missions8.2
Soundtrack & Effects9.3
Controls & Difficulty8.7


Hitman 2 is an iterative rework of the formula set up by 2016's bold Hitman reboot. It's the best Hitman game so far, and we'd absolutely recommend it wholeheartedly. Hitman 2 takes everything we enjoyed from Hitman and improves on it, bringing forth the ultimate assassination game.

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