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This Harry Potter Wand by Kano Teaches Kids How to Code | AIB

Kano has found the magic formula for children to learn how to program, although they needed the experience in Harry Potter spells to create the Kano Coding Kit.

The London-based manufacturer Kano has developed the Harry Potter coding kit, which includes a wireless magic wand designed to teach children to program through magical challenges and challenges. It is based on Javascript and is primarily interested in coding young people and show the logic behind simple commands.

The first challenge that young wizard apprentices must overcome is to assemble their own DIY magic wand. This magical accessory has a magnetometer, accelerometer and a gyroscope used to determine the position of the wand to control the action that develops on the device’s screen.

The Harry Potter Kano kit is compatible with iPad and Android tablets via Bluetooth connection, although it also works with Windows and MacOS computers. The magic wand is synchronized by an application developed by Kano, through which the user interacts to unlock more than 70 challenges and challenges related to the magical universe of Harry Potter. Each of these challenges aims to teach different basic concepts of programming and how to apply them.

Harry Potter Wand

Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit teaches children how to write code, setting ready-made blocks in the right order and manipulating variables. However, it has the advantage of being embedded in one of the most popular and loved ones by young (and slightly older) children of universals. For this, the company adjusted the physical waving of the wand, which will not only help remember what was being done but also make learning much more exciting.

The program offers either lesson leading a piece of the artist step-by-step through building the code or allowing them to experiment. The first option provides detailed instructions showing what to do. By moving the blocks of code, spells are created. After creating them, they have to make a wand with your wand to activate the code and see with your own eyes how the magic happens on the screen – the fire is burning, the guitars are playing, or the levitate begins to levitate.

The programming and robotics are subjects that are gradually gaining importance in education programs in schools. Not only because of the practical utility of knowing a programming language with which children can create their own toys and make them more interactive, but also helps the development of analytical thinking in children.

Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit now available in Apple Stores at the price of 100$. Right now, it’s not available in India. It may be available early next year. You can still buy it from!

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