Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Call Of Duty Movie May Start Production In 2019 | AIB

While thousands of fans around the world are completely submerged in the latest installment of the series, Activision is already working at full capacity to make the leap to the big screen. Call of Duty’s first film is one step away from becoming a reality after years of speculation, and comparisons between the style of video games and the cinematic language.

A few months ago we learned that Stefano Sollima, the Italian responsible for “Suburra,” would be the director of the adaptation, and now it seems that the cast has already begun to take shape. Although at the moment there has been no official announcement by the studio, the production has been in development for several months, and within not much time will jump to the recording set.

Screenwriter Kieran Fitzgerald (“Snowden,” “Debt of Honor”) confirmed this weekend during an interview with Discussing Film, that the casting for the Call of Duty film has already begun, in anticipation of a planned shoot for the spring of 2019. The release date will vary depending on the speed of the work, but the Fitzgerald points to 2020 or 2021.

As for the story, we still do not know anything. The drift that has lived the saga during the last years with leaps to the future, and a recent return to the past, could be reflected on the big screen, although everything points to Activision opting for a more classic proposal in this first adaptation attempt.

Call Of Duty Movie

It will be necessary to see how he manages to create a war film that does not fall into the numerous tropes of the genre, and that also captures the personal essence of the game franchise. The potential is there, and the community too, now we just need the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, so that we see a new giant born.

We will wait until more details of this production are revealed, to know what is waiting for us with this new film based on a video game. Recalling that the relationship between video games and film has not always been successful, leaving us bad productions that have not reflected the essence of the titles in question. But we are left with the idea that there have been well-taken exceptions. What do you say, you see a good future for Call of Duty at the cinema?

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