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4G is Already Faster than Wi-Fi in More Than 30 Countries | AIB

While we see how 5G networks are getting closer, 4G and 3G are still very present in today’s world. Therefore, research focuses on analyzing these types of connections to know what they really offer users.

This is what OpenSignal has done, and a company specialized in the mapping of wireless networks that wanted to compare the operation of 4G networks with that of Wi-Fi networks. The result is surprising and could secure the value of mobile networks in the future.

The 4G is faster than WiFi


The WiFi connection is the best option if we consider the price to have unlimited access to the Internet, without any dependence on mobile data. Also, we can find free WiFi very easily, as, for example, in restaurants, public areas, cafeterias, etc.

Despite these advantages, there are many countries where Wi-Fi networks start to fall behind when compared to 4G networks. This is what OpenSignal reveals in a study that aims to analyze how the fight between Wi-Fi and mobile networks is while awaiting the arrival of 5G.

The reality is that the 4G is the clear winner of this confrontation according to the company’s research, which confirms that this type of network is faster than Wi-Fi in many places. That is the situation in 33 of the 80 countries with which OpenSignal has worked, a very important figure.

To reach this conclusion, the authors of the study have analyzed the speed of discharge in each of these countries. The final data is striking in Australia, where 4G can reach 34.6 megabytes, while WiFi stays at 21.6 megabytes of speed.

Something similar happens in Lebanon, where WiFi networks, with 2.5 megabytes in downloads, can not do anything against the 14.8 megabytes of 4G. Qatar, Oman, Greece, Czech Republic, Myanmar, Iran, and Turkey are some of the other countries in which the difference between WiFi and 4G is notable, with a victory for the latter.

The defeat of Wi-Fi in those countries loses importance when they see their victory in the other 47 countries. In this way, broadband networks continue to have more speed in most territories. For example, in Hong Kong, the difference is surprising, since the download speed of WiFi is 53.3 megabytes, compared to 14.7 megabytes of 4G.

Among the first places in countries where WiFi continues to reign, we find great powers such as the United States, with 25.2 megabytes of difference between the two types of connections; the United Kingdom, with 11.8 megabytes between WiFi and 4G; or Japan, with 11.9 megabytes of separation.

Why 4G is ahead in some countries?


The fact that the 4G gains in speed to the WiFi in certain countries of those analyzed by OpenSignal has a series of reasons behind. First of all, there is the congestion of the waves used by those WiFi networks that anyone can configure in a location.

When a user creates another WiFi network in a place where there are many more, the operation of them slows down to congest the radio waves that work with them. This does not happen with 4G networks because the companies that use them have to request licenses to operate exclusively in the desired spectrum.

The slowness of WiFi networks in many countries is also due to the bad configuration of the networks in each case. A router can receive 100 or 200 megabytes and only offer 50 to the user for those aspects that spoil the signal. Also, it also influences the installation that each operator makes in each place when their services are contracted.

The perception that mobile networks are inferior to WiFi is a very common thought, even if it is an error. This belief could vary considerably in the coming years, as experts believe that the speed offered by the 4G will only improve.

The arrival of 5G, which will facilitate the development of mobile technology over broadband networks, with a slower and more expensive update, will be of great importance in this regard. Thus, it seems that 5G will give mobile networks the definitive impulse to surpass WiFi speed.

There is not much time left for that to happen since there are several mobile phone manufacturers that are already talking about launching terminals that work with that network. It seems that Huawei will be the winner of this race in Europe to confirm that its first mobile with 5G connectivity will arrive in the first quarter of 2019.

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