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10 Significant Tips on How to Fight Bad Breath | AIB

Bad breath is one of the most chronic oral issues that has affected millions from all over the world. In most cases, halitosis or bad breath arises from the gums and the tongue.

Halitosis is a very common problem, and it takes a toll on the self-confidence of the person who suffers from it to a great extent. Bad breath is something that is a cause of embarrassment and most of us have faced it once or the other time.

Naturally, most people are always seeking a solution to treat this oral problem. While some people are aware of how to deal with it, most of us have no clue about how to get rid of halitosis.

So here an attempt is being made to help you find an effective solution. Just read on.

Bad Breath

1. Brush and Floss More Often – Bacteria are collected by the sticky build-up in your mouth that is known as plaque. The food that is trapped in the mouth also adds to the problem of plaque. So if you are really concerned with the health of your mouth and you also want to drive the bad breath away, you have to do a little more than just brushing twice and flossing once. But ensure that you do not overdo anything as that can wear down the teeth enamel and make them vulnerable to decay.

2. Food Is Where the Problem Lies – Your breath can smell because of the foods like garlic, onions and the excessively seasoned foods which are very common in Indian diets. But although letting go of our favorite foods can be a bit tricky but a simple solution is to rinse with a mild mouthwash every time you eat these foods.

3. Scrape the Tongue – For the removal of any residue between the folds of the tongue and the taste buds, you should invest in an affordable tool known as the tongue scarper. You can get it easily from a nearby drugstore.

4. Stimulate the Production of Saliva – The dry mouth can give rise to halitosis. So you should try to have hard candies or sugar-less gums for encouraging the production of saliva as prescribed by the dentist that can reduce the bad breath by keeping the mouth moistened.

Bad Breath

5. Drink Lots of Water – One of the reasons why the bad breath can occur is that you are not drinking sufficient water. This cause the throat and the mouth to dry up which leads to a typical dehydration smell. The easiest solution is to have few sips of water throughout the day and to keep the event phone reminders for hydrating. The perks of having enough water are innumerable apart from the fresh breath, and so you should never abandon this companion of yours.

6. Avoid the Tobacco Products – If there is another reason to quit it is the fact that smoking contributes to bad breath. The tobacco tends to dry the mouth out, and that can leave an unfriendly smell that lingers even after teeth brushing.

7. Quit Mouth Breathing – Your body is designed to be breathed through the nose. Nitric oxide is to be released through the nasal passages, and this enhances the blood flow and the delivery of the oxygen to the cells. On the other hand, the mouth breathing pulls the dry, cold air to the lungs as a result of which a lower amount of oxygen is delivered to the body. The mouth breathing can also reduce the flow of saliva and permit the unwanted microbiota into the mouth and the throat which lead to bad breath. So quit mouth breathing if you want to drive bad breath away.

8. Chew Gums Instead of Mints – The bacteria love the sugar in the mouth. The acid in the mouth is made by it. This causes bad breath and wears down the teeth. Go for the sugarless gums instead. Saliva is stimulated by the gums which are the natural defense mechanism of the mouth against the acids of plaque that gives rise to bad breath and tooth decay.

Bad Breath

9. Clean the Dental Appliances – Proper oral hygiene is even more crucial for those who have dental appliances like a retainer or false teeth. The dentures and other appliances call for daily cleaning just like the natural teeth. So, you should clean the dental appliances by removing them from the mouth and cleaning all the plaque and the food particles that can create a bad breath.

10. See the Dentist – If the bad breath continues even after the best efforts, then you should book an appointment with an experienced dentist who can recommend the right treatment plan like tooth cavity treatment, dental clean-up or nose-breathing exercises to tackle your problem of bad breath. She will also check to see if the problem is related to some other medical condition and advise you accordingly.

The above are some of the significant ways to fight bad breath so that you can lead a confident and healthy life.

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