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10 Exotic Destinations For A Perfect Honeymoon | AIB

Is there a more beautiful trip than the honeymoon? Probably not. You do it with a desire and with a great illusion because you just married your partner, so you face it with a rush that is difficult to explain.

As one wants everything to go by mouth, it is quite usual to hire the services of a travel agency, although you should know that this option is not usually the cheapest of all. If you want to save, it is better to go on your own and hire it all and to be able to choose destinations like the ones I mention below, which are very popular because they are precious and cheap, ideal to give free rein to the first days of married.

1. Thailand


Thailand is a country that claims to be a world power at the tourist level. Bangkok leads the ranking of the most visited cities in 2018, and that is perceived by walking through its streets. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed plan for your honeymoon, we recommend you to choose other places in the country such as Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Samui or Chiang Mai. Of course, make sure you do not travel in the rainy or monsoon season, which is more or less from May to October.

2. Vietnam


It is not as popular as Thailand if we stick to the number of tourists it receives year after year, but that is precisely what makes it a fantastic alternative. It has equally spectacular beaches and countless temples to be discovered. Also, you can stay in luxurious resorts designed to make your honeymoon unforgettable without spending a lot of money.

3. Philippines

Another economic proposal is the one that takes us to travel through the Philippines, which is the third of the five Asian destinations that we recommend in this article. It also has spectacular beaches, and it is impossible to resist the charms of places like Banaue and Sagada. Also, we can also highlight the island of Panglao and Palawan, the largest island province.

4. Bora Bora

Need I say something about Bora Bora? Unfortunately, it is in the antipodes, and that means that traveling there implies a significant financial outlay. The plane ticket can cost you more, and the resorts are not cheap either. Of course, rest embraced in a cabin located on the water should be spectacular.

5. Mauritius Island


From Oceania, we go to Africa to talk about Mauritius, a paradisiacal destination that is not as expensive as others that are similar in style. Stands out for its beautiful beaches and for the nature that surrounds you. Without a doubt, it is a place to enjoy as a couple in an adventurous or relax mode.

6. Maldives Islands

It is another of the destinations we have in mind when we think of an unforgettable trip. There are impressive resorts and beaches identical to those you can see in the travel catalogs that aim to get our teeth long. Once again, it is a set of islands that you have to go to rest and celebrate such beautiful days since there is not much to see apart from the beaches.

7. Seychelles Islands

I could do a “copy and paste” of what I just said about the Maldives. They may be more paradisiacal if they fit and you enjoy more if you like snorkeling or diving since the amount of marine species that can be seen here is simply spectacular.

8. Dominican Republic

In the Caribbean Sea, there are also exotic honeymoon destinations. The Dominican Republic is one of them. Beaches of fine sand, turquoise waters, palm trees … All that you can see from a hammock, with a mojito in your hand and without worries. There they do not understand the stress and that, fortunately, is contagious.

9. Zanzibar


One of the most tourist countries in Africa in Tanzania. The fault is Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region formed by two paradisiacal islands where it is not difficult to find dream beaches. Stone Town, a city that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, deserves a visit to soak up the Swahili culture.

10. Japan

Not all exotic destinations have to be a beach. Although Japan has a coastline, it is clear that tourists do not travel there to bathe on its shores. The greatest incentive is the mixture of tradition and modernity in cities such as Tokyo, which is one of the ten most visited in the world every year. A very romantic plan is to go up to Tokyo Skytree at night since from its 634 meters high you can see the whole city in the best company.

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