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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Israel | AIB

Israel is a country full of incredible places and diverse sites of tourist interest. Many people travel to Israel and enjoy one of the most unique places in the world. Israel is the cradle of the three great religions. Take a walk through history and great archaeological finds; With its beautiful beaches, fascinating history and stunning natural landscapes, Israel offers its visitors a wide variety of experiences.

Here is our guide to visit in Israel that will take a look at the beauty of the country.

1. Jerusalem


A city of emotions that promises a profound spiritual experience and a memorable encounter with 3000 years of history – spirituality is felt in the air, cobbled roads tell stories. Almost as if the stones could talk!

Also known as the Golden City, it houses a remarkable historical legacy of all the cultures and civilizations that have inhabited it, creating a striking contrast between the Roman Cardo, the City of David, the Ottoman bastions, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden of the Tomb, the mosques and the Western Wall. Visitors of all creeds also come to pray here and write paper notes that embed in the cracks of the wall. Take the opportunity.

2. Dead Sea


The natural resources of the Dead Sea, its wealth of minerals and the calm and tranquil atmosphere form an integral formula for good health and well-being. At 416.5m below sea level, nature is different. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are less harmful, the air is clean of pollen, and the high levels of oxygen and bromine have a relaxing effect, just by spending a little time there you will feel better!

The salinity of the Dead Sea and the mineral wealth of its beaches provide a natural solution for many health problems, including respiratory or skin problems. Without a doubt, the best stop on the way to recharge the batteries before continuing with the trip.

3. Tel Aviv


It is undoubtedly the most modern city in the country, there is always something to do in it, it is also known as “the city that never sleeps” for its active offer of nightlife. However, in Tel Aviv, there are also incredible museums such as the Museum of the Diaspora, where the life of the Jews in the Diaspora is told; or the Mann Auditorium, where the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel is based …

And you can not miss the old part, Yafo: It retains the charms and atmosphere of the ancient Middle East. This neighborhood is home to one of the oldest ports in the region and its renovated stone houses and charming alleys, today houses a fascinating neighborhood of artists and restaurants offering authentic and ethnic cuisine.

4. Galilee


This is one of the most beautiful areas of Israel, walking along the routes that run at the foot of the mountains of Galilee makes the traveler feel an immense peace that makes you identify with those who live in the area. You can not miss the Jezreel Valley, in the Lower Galilee, a place that for many, many years witnessed the wars of ancient peoples who were fighting to conquer these lands.

The Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth marks the site of the home of Joseph and Mary, where the archangel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus. It houses the largest Arab city in Israel, with all its oriental charm. Walk among the picturesque houses of the Old City, visit its 30 beautiful churches and monasteries, wander through its colorful Arab market and do not forget to have a sweet with tea or coffee.

5. Mediterranean Sea


100 sunny and beautiful beaches cover 192Km., From the south, in Ashkelon, to the spectacular Rosh Hanikrá caves of white limestone, bordering Lebanon in the north. The Mediterranean coast offers a dream vacation that includes rest, water sports that they love and incite the bathroom. In addition, the urban centers located in this strip are modern and full of life, so in addition to good swimming areas, they also have places of leisure to spend a pleasant holiday.

Among the best beaches, we find the beach of Dor, in the north of Caesarea where you will find important archaeological sites, as well as the only golf course. And these two others: Shavei Tzion, Achziv … Do not forget Netanya, Haifa and, above all, San Juan de Acre.

6. Negev Desert


The Negev desert is undoubtedly one of the most curious landscapes in the country. You can find from watercourses between the mountains, to rock formations with large craters and dunes. It can be explored by bicycle, car, jeep or camel’s back. For thousands of years, the camel caravans that 2000 years ago loaded valuable goods from Yemen to Europe across the coasts of Israel.

They used this desert as a step on their Spice route. Remains of the legendary Route of the Spices and its rest stations are still visible in the impressive ruins of Mamshit, Ovdat and Shivta, ancient Nabatean cities.

7. Eilat


The tourist city par excellence of Israel lies on the coast of the Red Sea. It promises sun and joy throughout the year, with excellent hotels, water sports, diving, fun 24/7. 20 minutes from Eilat, Timna Park will leave you speechless: one of the greatest attractions By jeep or by car, get close to the Pillars of Solomon, imposing columns of sandstone, as well as other capricious geological figures formed by the winds of the desert.

The seabed of Eilat houses the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Its labyrinths, gardens and submerged canyons are inhabited by 2,500 species of fish and marine creatures, which make it a world-renowned dive site. The reef is highly prized by professional divers and amateurs and free diving (snorkeling) practitioners.

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