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Brace Yourself: The Best Tablet of 2018 is About to Arrive | AIB

There’s more in the making is the new slogan that accompanies the new Apple event, scheduled for October 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. The Cupertino team will take the stage to present their new MacBooks and iPads.

The iPad Pro 2018 will be one of the protagonists of the event, and this time is expected a lot of the new Apple tablet. It is said that the device will adopt the design of the iPhone X, i.e., edges almost non-existent, the absence of a start button and facial recognition as a biometric unlocking system. The presence of facial recognition also suggests the presence of animojis that could be synchronized with those of the iPhone through iCloud.

Apple Tablet 2018

Another inevitable presence could be the gestural navigation: the iOS 12 could transfer the gestures of the iPhone to the iPad, especially in the absence of a start button. There is no OLED panel in the program, but the iPad Pro should leave the Lightning connector to accept a USB Type C input. It is not clear if the tablet will maintain at least one headphone minijack input. It is likely that the device arrives in different formats for users to choose according to their needs.

Unlike the last iPad, launched this year and that has a lower price to reach even the broader audience, including students, the iPad Pro is a tablet designed for professionals, designers, and all that have to do with the production of multimedia content. A powerful tablet, that somehow would seek to replace the laptop.

The best tablet of the year?

Apple Tablet 2018

If we talk about tablets, it is tough not to mention an iPad. They are easy to use and have the power to do what is required, meeting the demands of beginners and experienced users. With a clear, modern and pleasant design, iPads are practically everywhere.

Apple’s iPad 2018 will further enhance its design, adopting the features that are trend in the world of mobile phones and appropriating lines and features already known in smartphones. There is nothing better than taking the news to which users have already become accustomed and transferring them to a product such as a tablet.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to define a device as the best, because there are subjective factors that influence preference and purchase. However, in the world of Apple tablets has been made with a decisive power, especially thanks to the weakness of Android producers, who for this field seem to go in first gear. Huawei has done an excellent job with the MediaPad M5 and points to its multimedia content, and there is also Samsung, which seems not to want to leave with the Tab S4. Also, the South Korean manufacturer has always had something to say in this sector.

The truth is that buying an iPad you can count on the security, good performance and software updates, plus the certainty that the manufacturer will not abandon this device, which will continue to care for it as smartphones. When buying an Android tablet, these certainties are reduced, unfortunately.

Which do you think is the best tablet in the current market?

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